A Tiger in the Zoo- Important Extra Questions- Very Short Answer Type

By | February 11, 2023
A Tiger in the Zoo very short answer type question

A Tiger in the Zoo

ByLeslie Norris


 Q.1. How does the tiger feel in the cage?

Ans. In the cage, he is in an angry mood.

Q.2.How does the tiger walk in the cage?

Ans. In the cage, he walks with pride.

Q.3. How should the tiger walk through the grass?

Ans. He should walk with ease through the grass.

Q.4. Where should the tiger hide to himself?

Ans. The tiger should hide in the shadow.

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Q.5. Who passes near the water hole?

Ans. The fat deer pass near the water hole.

Q.6. Where is the tiger’s strength locked?

Ans. His strength is locked behind the bars

Q.7. How does the caged tiger react to the visitors?

Ans. He ignores the visitors.

Q.8. What sound does the tiger near at night?

Ans. The tiger hears the sound of the patrolling cars at night.

Q.9. How do the eyes of the tiger look?

Ans. His eyes look brilliant.

Q.10. At what does the tiger look at?

Ans. At night the tiger looks at the stars.

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