Dust of Snow- Important Extra Questions- Very Short Answer Type

Dust of Snow

By- Robert Frost


[Answer in one sentence each]

Q.1. Where was the crow sitting?       (H.B.S.E. March 2017 (Set-D)

Ans. The crow was sitting in a hemlock tree.                       

Q.2. What did the crow shakedown on the poet?  (H.B.S.E. March 2017 (Set-D)

Ans. He shook down snow on the poet.

Q3. In what mood was the poet before falling of snow on him?

Ans. He was in an unpleasant mood.

Q.4. What type of plant is ‘a hemlock tree’?

Ans. It is a poisonous plant with small white flowers.

Q.5. What fell on the poet from the hemlock tree?

Ans. Sonic dust of snow fell on the poet from the hemlock tree.

Q.6. How did the dust of snow affect the poet?

Ans. It changed the poet’s mood.

Q.7. Who is the poet of the poem ‘Dust of Snow’?

Ans. The poet of this poem is ‘Robert Frost’.

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