Footprints Without Feet Extract Based Questions

By | September 8, 2023
Footprints Without Feet Extract Based Questions

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Footprints Without Feet Extract Based Questions

By H.G. Wells

Extract Based / comprehension test  Questions and Answers of Footprints without Feet

1.”Extraordinary affair! the clergyman kept Raying for the rest of the day.”

(a) what was the of nosh miry allotter?

(b) Why did the celebrity repeal, the words?

 (c) What curious episode occurs in the study?

 (d) Who is the speaker talking about?

 Ans. (a) the clergyman heard someone in the room but when he opened it, he found no one there.

(b) He had experienced an extraordinary thing of listening to someone but not seeing anyone. He was shocked at it.

(c) The clergyman and his wife were awakened by the clink of money in his study room. But when they opened the door, there was nobody in the room.

(d) The clergyman is talking about the deeds of Griffin.

2. This time he decided to try the stock of a theatrical company in the hope of finding not only clothes but also something that would hide the empty space above his shoulders. Shivering with cold he hurried to Drury Lane, the centre of the theatre world.

(a) Who is ‘lie’ in the above extract?

(b) What was his decision?

 (c) What was his main purpose?

(d) What was the centre of the theatre world in London?

 Ans. (a) Griffin

(b) He decided to steal clothes from a theatrical company.

 (c) He wanted to protect himself from cold.

(d) Drury Lane was the centre of the theatre world.

3.”Soon, with shoes, an overcoat and a wide-brimmed hat, he became a fully dressed visible person”.

(a) Where was this man getting dressed?

 (b) Explain ‘fully dressed and visible person’.

(c) Name the person, the speaker is talking about?

(d) How did the invisible man first become visible?

Ans.  (a)  In a big London store.

 (b) The invisible man became visible when fully dressed.

 (c) Griffin

(d) He became visible when he dressed with warm clothes, an overcoat, shoes and wide-brimmed hat inside the London store.

4. Further footprints followed one after another, descending the steps and progressing down the street. The boys followed, fascinated, until the muddy impressions became fainter and fainter, and at last disappeared altogether.

(a) Who was gazing at these footprints and where were the steps?

 (b) What can be inferred about the person from the footprints?

(c) What surprised the two boys?

(d) Where were the footprints heading?

Ans. (a) Two boys were gazing the footsteps on the steps of a house.

 (b) The person was invisible.

 (c)A pair of travelling footprints, without an actual person making them, surprised the boys.

(d) The footprints descended towards the street.

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5. The village constable was secretly seated for. Instead of waiting for the constable, Mrs Hall went to the scientist, who had some hew mysteriously appeared from his empty bedroom.

(a)Who seal line ilea village constable and why?

 (b) Whilst trouble the lady?

 (c) Where was gryphon appear?

(d) Why do you think brilliant but not a true scientist?

 Ans. (a) Mrs Hall mint liar the village constable as her tenant was suspected of burglary.

(b)She was troubled by her furniture that had come ‘alive’, and by how.

(c) Griffin had entered II locked room and come out of an empty one. Titling had somehow mysteriously appeared from his empty bedroom. 

(d)A true scientist uses his inventions for the good of humanity while Griffin uses it for selfish motives.

6. Mrs Hell almost fell down the stairs in hysterics. She was convinced that the room was haunted by spirits and that the stranger had somehow caused these to enter into her Await re.

(a) Why did Mrs Hall trip?

(b) What was her fear?

 (c) Who was the stranger?

(d) Why did Mrs Hall suspect Griffin of witchcraft?

Ans. (a) Mrs Hall was pushed out of the room by a chair. She got so scared that she tripped.

(b) She felt that the room was haunted by spirits and they had entered into her furniture.

(c) Mr Griffin, the scientist.

(d) When the furniture of Griffin’s room became alive and pushed her out of the room. She suspected it happened due to the witchcraft.

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7. The feeling among the neighbours was that the trouble was caused by witchcraft. But witchcraft or not, when news of the burglary at the clergyman’s home became known, the strange scientist was strongly suspected of having had a hand in it. Suspicion grew even stronger when he suddenly produced some ready cash, though he had admitted not long before that he had no money.

(a) What did people think about the burglary?

(b) Why did the suspicion grow on the stranger?

(c) Who was suspected by whom and for what?

(d) What is the reference to money and its significance?

 Ans. (a) People suspected the scientist for the burglary.

(b) Suspicion grew strongly on him because he had ready cash though he had admitted earlier that he had no money.

(c) Griffin was suspected of having a hand in robbing the clergyman, by the residents of! ping village,

(d) Griffin paid his dues in the inn after the robbery at the clergyman’s, making the reference signature.

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