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By | September 20, 2023
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In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from Footprints without Feet. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying Footprints without Feet Word Meanings from Footprints without Feet Class 10.”

Hard Words : Footprints without Feet [PAGE 26]: 

Imprints = marks, impressions (निशान, छाप-चिन्ह), Barefooted = without shoes, unshod (नंगे पाँव), Gazed = looked fixedly (ध्यान से देखा), Remarkable = noteworthy, striking, strange (अद्भुत, अजीव-विलछड), Descending = going down, coming down (नीचे जाना, नीचे आते हुए), Progressing = moving ahead (आगे बढ़ते हुए), Fascinated = attracted (आकर्षित हुए), Faint = dim, light (हल्का),

Altogether = completely (पूरी तरह), Mystery = puzzle, enigma, secret (रहस्य), Bewildered = confused, puzzled (भ्रांत, परेशान), Transparent = see-through, clear, through which light can pass (पारदर्शी), Experiment = test, trial (प्रयोग), Carried out = did, conducted (किया), Invisible = that which cannot be seen (अदृश्य), Swallowed = ate without chewing (निगला), Rare = uncommon, infrequent, not often seen (दुर्लभ), Drug = medicine (दवा-औषधि), Solid = not in liquid or gaseous form (ठोस),

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Brilliant = very intelligent, shining, talented (प्रतिभाशाली), Lawless = without rules, uncontrolled, not caring for law (अविधिकृत, स्वेच्छाचारी), Landlord = owner of property, lessor (मकान मालिक), Eject = throw out, expel, force someone out (निकाल देना, जवरदस्ती निकालना), Revenge = retaliation, vengeance, vindictive feeling (प्रतिशोध, बदला)

Footprints without Feet Difficult Words in English [PAGE 27]: 

Adventures = experiences, journeys, risky activities (साहसिक यात्रा, जोखिम भरे काम), Bitterly = intensely, severely, excessive (तीव्रता से, बहुत अधिक), Warmth = heat, coziness (गर्मी), Closing time = end of business hours, time to shut (समाप्ति समय), Pleasure = joy, delight (आनंद),

Wrappers = covers, casings, paper covers (लपेटन, कागज के कवर), Overcoat = long coat, outer garment (ओवरकोट), Wide-brimmed hat = hat with a broad edge (चौड़ी पहिया टोपी), Visible = able to be seen, noticeable (दृश्यमान), Restaurant = eatery, diner (रेस्तरां), Grocery store = shop selling food and household items (किराना दुकान), Quilts = thick blankets, bedcovers (रजाई),

Assistants = helpers, aides (सहायक), Arriving = coming, reaching (पहुंचना), By no means = not at all (बिलकुल नहीं), Regard = concern (चिंता), Expense = spending of money (खर्च), Settled down = laid comfortably (आराम से लेट गया), Managed = succeeded in (सफल होना)

Good Word Meaning of the Lesson Footprints without Feet [PAGE 28]:

Approaching = coming near, moving closer (नजदीक आना), Panicked = became fearful, alarmed (घबरा जाना), Chase = pursue, run after (पीछा करना), Newly found = recently discovered, newly acquired (हाल ही में प्राप्त), Stock = inventory, supply (स्टॉक), Theatrical company = drama group, stage troupe (नाटकीय समूह), Drury Lane = famous street for theatres in London (द्रूरी लेन),

Suitable = appropriate, fitting (उपयुक्त), Bandages = strips of cloth, bindings (पट्टी), Dark glasses = sunglasses, shaded eyewear (धूमिल चश्मा), False nose = artificial nose, fake snout (कृत्रिम नाक), Side-whiskers = facial hair on the sides of the face, muttonchops (गाल के बाल), Callously = without care, insensitively (संवेदनहीनता से), Robbed = stole from, plundered (चोरी करना), Eager = enthusiastic, keen (उत्सुक), Crowded = packed, full of people (भीड़भाड़ वाला), Unusual = not common, rare (असामान्य),

Tongues wagging = people talking, gossiping (लोग चर्चा करना), Eccentric = unusual, odd (सनकी), Solitude = alone time, isolation (अकेलापन), Disturbed = interrupted, bothered (विघ्नित), Irritable = easily annoyed, short-tempered (चिड़चिड़ा), Temper = mood, disposition (स्वभाव),

Stolen = taken without permission, pilfered (चुराया हुआ), Cash = money, currency (नकद), Pretended = acted as if, feigned (ढोंग करना), Cheque = a written order directing a bank to pay money (चेक)

English Difficult Words of the Chapter Footprints without Feet [PAGE 29]: 

Amazement = great surprise, astonishment, surprise (आश्चर्य, हैरानी), Extraordinary = very unusual, remarkable, unusual (असाधारण, उल्लेखनीय), Affair = event, matter, mamla (घटना, मामला), Furniture = items like tables, chairs used in houses (फर्नीचर), Furious = very angry, enraged (क्रुद्ध, बहुत गुस्से में), Investigate = examine, look into, padtal karna (जांच करना, पड़ताल करना),

Bandages = strips of cloth used to bind wounds (पट्टी), Hysterics = wild emotion, panic (अत्यधिक भावुकता), Haunted = frequented by ghosts, possessed, visited by ghosts (भूत-प्रेत से ग्रसित, भूतहा), Spirits = ghosts, supernatural beings, ghost (आत्माएँ, भूत, आत्मा), Witchcraft = magic, sorcery, jadoo-tona (जादू-टोना), Burglary = breaking into a place to commit theft, theft (चोरी), Constable = police officer, cop (दरोगा),

Mysteriously = in a puzzling way, secretively (रहस्यमय ढंग से), Demanded = strongly asked, required (मांग की), Imprints = marks made by pressing, stamp, marks (निशान), Barefooted = without shoes, unshod (नंगे पैर), Gazed = looked steadily, stared, looked fixedly (गूंजना, ध्यान से देखा), Remarkable = noteworthy (उल्लेखनीय), Mystery = something unknown, enigma, secret (रहस्य), Bewildered = confused, puzzled (भ्रांत), Transparent = clear, see-through (पारदर्शी), Experiment = test, trial (प्रयोग),

Lawless = without regard for the law, unruly, not caring for law (अविधिपूर्ण, स्वेच्छाचारी), Landlord = owner of a property who rents it out (मकान मालिक), Eject = force out, expel (निकाल देना), Revenge = retaliation, vengeance (प्रतिशोध), Wanderer = traveler, nomad (यायावर), Still = more (और अधिक), Sniff = act of sniffing, naak se saans lena (नाक से साँस लेना), Bedpost = leg or stand of bed (विस्तर का पाया),

Terror = fear (डर), Slam = shut forcefully (जोर से बंद करना), Convinced = sure (विस्वास होना), Moaned = cried with pain (कराहा), Suspected = doubted (संदेह हुआ), Suspicion = feeling of doubt (शक)

Word Meaning of Footprints without Feet [PAGE 30]: 

Quick-tempered = easily angered, irritable, short-tempered (जल्दी गुस्सा होने वाला, चिढ़चिढ़ा), Furious = very angry, enraged (क्रोधित), Bandages = strips of cloth, wrap for injury (पट्टी), Whiskers = facial hair, especially on the cheeks or chin (दाढ़ी की बाल), Spectacles = eyeglasses, glasses (चश्मा),

Horrified = greatly shocked, terrified, frightened (भयभीत, डरा हुआ), Constable = a police officer, law enforcer (पुलिस अधिकारी), Magistrate = a local official, judge (जज), Warrant = a legal document, authorization, written official order (वारंट), Arrest = take into custody, detain (गिरफ्तार करना),

Garment = piece of clothing, attire, clothing (वस्त्र, कपड़ा), Struggling = trying hard, grappling, fighting (संघर्ष करना, संघर्ष करते हुए), Prevented = hindered, stopped (रोका)

Footprints without Feet Class 10 Word Meaning [PAGE 31]: 

Unconscious = not awake or aware, fainted, passed out (बेहोश), Attempt = try, effort (प्रयास), Excited = very enthusiastic, stirred up, agitated (उत्साहित, उत्तेजित), Cries = shouts, loud vocal expressions (चीख़ें), Shaken = moved with force, disturbed (हिलाया हुआ), Lay hands on = to catch, to grab hold of (पकड़ना), Knocked = hit or striked (प्रहार), Nervous = agitated, confused, upset (उत्तेजित, परेशान)