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By | September 8, 2023
Footprints Without Feet Summary in English

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Footprints Without Feet Summary in English

By H.G. Wells

Griffin was a brilliant scientist. He conducted many experiments. One day he discovered a wonderful drug. It could make him invisible. He took that drug and became invisible. He could see everybody but nobody could see him.

Griffin’s landlord did not like him. He tried to get his house vacated. Griffin became angry. He set the house on fire. Then he took the drug. He took off his clothes. He became invisible and went out.

It was winter. It was not easy to walk without clothes. Griffin had no money. So, he went into a big London store. He stole clothes from there. When he walked with those clothes, it seemed as if a headless man was walking. He took meat, coffee, sweets and wine from the kitchen of the store. Then he slept on a pile of quilts there.

The next morning he did not wake up in time. The shop assistants arrived and saw him. Griffin ran out of fear. The assistants ran after him. Griffin took off his clothes one by one. He became invisible again. But now he was shivering with cold. He entered the shop of a theatrical company. He wore bandages around his forehead. He also wore dark glasses, a false nose and whiskers. Griffin robbed some money of the shopkeeper. Then he took a train and reached Iping village.

 At Iping, Griffin booked two rooms at an inn. He paid the rent in advance. The name of the landlady was Mrs Hall. She tolerated the strange behaviour of Griffin. Soon Griffin spent the stolen money. He told the landlady that he had no cash. He said that he was expecting a cheque. The next day, he stole money from the house of the clergyman. The clergyman and his wife were surprised. They had not seen anybody coming. The room was empty. Even then the money was stolen.

After some time, the landlord and his wife found that Griffin’s room was open. They entered the room but there was nobody. Griffin’s clothes and bandages were lying on the floor. Suddenly, the hat jumped and struck Mrs Hall’s face. Then the chair jumped and charged at her. The couple was afraid. They thought that there were ghosts in the room. They cried and ran downstairs.

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The neighbours gathered there. They thought that Griffin was responsible for all that. A policeman was called. Before that Griffin and Mrs Hall had a quarrel. Griffin became angry. He threw off his bandages, spectacles and a false nose. Now he was wearing clothes but his body was not visible above the neck. The people were horrified when they saw a headless man.

Just then the policeman came. He was also surprised when he saw a headless man. He tried to catch Griffin. But Griffin started taking off his clothes. He became invisible. Those who tried to catch him got blows out of the air. Soon Griffin became free. Nobody knew where to lay a hand on him. Griffin came out of the inn and started walking on the road. Now he was again a free man.

Footprints Without Feet Summary in English (2) :

1.Muddy Imprints: Two boys were highly surprised. They saw muddy impressions on the steps of a house in London. They were the fresh footmarks of a barefooted man. The boys followed them. The impressions got fainter and finally disappeared.

2. The mystery of Footmarks: The mystery of footmarks was quite simple. The boys were following a scientist. He had just discovered how to make the human body transparent.

3. Griffin—Great but Eccentric Scientist: Griffin was a great scientist. He carried out many experiments to prove that the human body could become invisible. In the end, he swallowed some rare drugs and his body became transparent. He was a lawless person. taliftWlandlord disliked him and tried to eject him. In revenge, Griffin set his house on fire.

4. Unseen when Naked: Griffin had to remove all his clothes if “‘, wanted to be unseen by the people. He belies a homeless wanderer without clothes. He had no money. He left footmarks as ticked.

5. In a Big London store: The air was bitterly cold. Griffin was naked. Instead of walking about the streets, he entered a London store for warmth. He enjoyed the pleasure of clothes and food freely. He fitted himself out with warm clothes there. He became fully dressed up with shoes, an overcoat and a hat. After putting on clothes, he became visible. He had cold meat and coffee, sweets and wine from the grocery store. He slept on a pile of quilts. He didn’t wake up until the assistants arrived the next morning. When they came near, he panicked and began to run. But he could become invisible only he was totally naked. So he took off his newly found clothes. Once more he became naked in the chill January air.

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6. In Drury Lane: He hurried to Drury Lane, the centre of the theatre world. He found. a shop he was searching shop upstairs invisible. He came out Of the p wearing bandages around his forehead, do k glasses, false nose, side-whiskers and a large hat. Th. en, he attacked a shopkeeper and him of all the money he could find. robbed

7. Arrival in Iping Village: Griffin wanted to get away from the crowded London. He came to the village of Iping. He booked two rooms in a local inn. The arrival of a stranger of such strange appearance became the talk of the people. Mrs Hall tried to be friendly with her guest Griffin. He told that he didn’t want to be disturbed. He wanted to be alone. She thought that her guest was an eccentric scientist. She didn’t mind his strange habits and irritable temper. Griffin’s cash finished. He told a lie that he was expecting a cheque at any moment.

8. Clergyman Burgled: A strange episode occurred. A clergyman and his wife were awakened by the noises in the study very early in the morning. They came downstairs and heard the chink of money being taken from the desk. With poker in his hand, the clergyman flung open the door. He shouted, “surrender!” He was surprised to see the room empty. They looked under the desk, behind d the curtains and even up the chimney. one was there. They found the desk open. and the money was missing. They were highly surprised, couldn’t understand anything.

9. Mrs Hall’s Furniture Shows Strange Behaviour: The landlord and his wife (Mrs Hall) woke up very early. They found Griffin’s door wide open. Usually, it was shut and locked. They peeped around but found nobody. They found Griffin’s clothes and bandages were lying about. All of a sudden Mrs Hall heard a sniff close to her ear. A hat leapt up and dashed itself into her face. Then the chair became alive. They turned away in fear. Then the chair pushed them both out of the room. Then the door was slammed and locked after them. Mrs Hall almost fell down the stairs and started crying. The was sure that the room was haunted by spirits. The villagers suspected that the trouble was caused by witchcraft. When the news of burglary at the clergyman’s home became known, everyone doubted Griffin’s hand in it. This suspicion grew stronger when Griffin suddenly showed some ready cash. He had no cash before a few days.

10. Invisible Man Shows Himself: Mrs Hall went to Griffin’s room. He was there. She asked what he was doing to her chairs upstairs. She also asked how he entered a locked room. The scientist lost his temper. He became furious and cried “I’ll show you.” Suddenly he threw away all bandages, whiskers, spectacles and even nose. The horrified men in the bar were staring at a headless man!

11. Encounter with Constable Jeffers: The police constable who had been informed, arrived now. He was totally surprised to find that he was to arrest a man without a head. There followed a wonderful scene. The scientist (Griffin) started throwing his clothes one by one. He was becoming more and more invisible as he threw off one garment after another. Finally, the man became invisible. Some people who tried to hold him were beaten by the unseen blows that came from nowhere. In the end, Jailers was knocked unconscious. Nervous and excited people were crying “Hold him!” Griffin was invisible and free now. No one knew where to lay hands on him.

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