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By | September 8, 2023
Footprints Without Feet Theme

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Footprints Without Feet Theme

The story Footprints without Feet describes the story of a brilliant scientist, Griffin, who degenerated himself into a lawless person. Griffin discovered that the human body could become transparent and invisible. But he misused his great discovery. He did not use the power of invisibility for the welfare of society and humanity at large. He misused it to threaten, trouble and beat innocent persons and rob them. He made illegal entries in stores and shops and stole things from there. He committed a burglary in a clergyman’s house in Iping. Griffin remained invisible or unseen only when he was without clothes. If he put on clothes, he lost his invisibility and could be seen by the people around him. The lesson gives a message that misuse of science and its great discoveries can make even a brilliant scientist like Griffin a monster and a threatening lawless person.

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