Two Stories about Flying Part-I Summary

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Two Stories About Flying Part-I 

His First Flight

By- Liam O’Flaherty

Summary of Two Stories About Flying Part-I His First Flight

(This is an imaginary story of a young seagull. The time had come when he must learn how to fly. His two brothers and a little sister had learnt how to fly by emulating their parents. They had simply run to the brink of the ledge, flapped their wings and flown away. But when the young seagull came to the brink and tried to fly in the air, he became afraid. He felt sure that if he tried to fly, he would fall into the sea below. So he ran back to his hole on the ledge.

The seagull’s parents came to take him along with them. But he refused to fly. They threatened that he would starve on the ledge. But the bird was too afraid to move. Twenty four hours passed. The seagull had not eaten anything. He began to feel very hungry. He saw his mother sitting on a plateau. She was eating a fish. This sight only increased his hunger. He requested his mother to bring him some food. The mother looked at him derisively. But then she picked up a piece of fish and flew towards him.

The mother did not come to him. She halted her wings and became motionless. The seagull wondered why she was not coming near him. He could not bear it any longer. He was maddened by hunger. He dived at fish. He could not reach his mother but fell from the ledge downwards into space. He was filled with fear and Cried. But this fear lasted only a minute. He spread his wings and tried to fly. Suddenly he found that he was flying. He cried with joy and started flying higher and higher. His parents, brothers and sister flew around him and screamed with joy.

After some time, the seagull’s parents, brothers and sister landed on the sea. They asked him to come there. The seagull thought that it was green flooring. He dropped his legs to stand on the green sea. His legs sank into it and he cried with fear. But his belly touched the water and he did not drown. He began to float on the sea. His family members praised him and gave him pieces of fish to eat. Thus the seagull had made his first flight.

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Summary of Two Stories About Flying Part-I His First Flight (2) :

1.Young Seagull Afraid to Fly: The young seagull was alone on his ledge. His two brothers and his sister had already learnt the art of flying only the day before. He did try. He had taken a little run forward and tried to flap his wings. But that was all he could do. He became afraid. He felt that his wings would not support him. So he bent his head and ran away back to the little hole where he slept at night. His brothers and his sister had wings far shorter than his own wings. But he failed to muster up courage and fly. His parents taunted, scolded and threatened him to leave him starving at the ledge unless he flew away. But nothing could make him fly.

2. Parents Perfecting Brothers and Sister: The seagull helplessly watched his parents flying with his brothers and sister. They were Perfecting them in the art of flying. They were teaching them how to skim the waves and how to dive for fish. The whole family went on taunting him for his cowardice.

3. Maddened by Hunger, He Dived at the Fish: Only his mother was looking at him. She had picked a piece of fish. She was flying across to him with it. He leaned out eagerly. The mother was very near to him with the fish in her beak. Maddened by hunger, he dived at the fish. With a loud scream, he fell outwards and downwards into space. A terror seized him. His heart stood still. His mother swooped past him. He answered her with another scream. He saw his two brothers and sister flying around him.

4. First Flight: The seagull completely forgot that he was not able to fly. He let himself free to dive, soar and curve at will. He was shrieking shrilly. He saw a green sea beneath him. His parents, his brothers and sister were beckoning to him calling shrilly. He was tired and weak with hunger. His feet sank into the green sea and his belly touched it. He sank no farther. His family were praising him and their beaks were offering him scraps of fish. He had made his first flight.

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    Two Stories About Flying

Part-II Black Aeroplane

By Frederick Forsyth

Summary of Two Stories About Flying Part-II Black Aeroplane

The writer of this story is a pilot. One night he was flying his old Dakota aeroplane over France. It was a starry night. He was going to England. He hoped to spend his holiday with his family. It was an easy journey and he was in a joyful mood. He looked at his watch. It was one thirty in the morning. Through his wireless, he contacted the Paris control. They told him to turn twelve degrees west. He did as he was advised to do. He was 150 kilometres from Paris.

Suddenly the writer saw huge black clouds before him. It was not possible to fly up and over the clouds. He had not much fuel with him. So it was not possible to fly around the big mountains of clouds to the right or left. He decided to take the risk and flew his aeroplane straight into the Clouds. As he entered the clouds, everything suddenly went black. He found that his compass had ceased to work. He tried to contact the Paris Control for directions. But he was shocked to find that his radio had also stopped working.

Suddenly, the writer saw a black aeroplane near him. He could also see the pilot in it. The pilot waved the writer to follow him. He followed the black aeroplane like an obedient child. Now it was half an hour since the writer had been following the black aeroplane. He was worried because the fuel in his plane could last only five or ten minutes. But just then the black aeroplane started to go down and the writer followed it. Suddenly, the writer was out of the clouds. He could see the lights of the runway of the airport. He turned to look at the black aeroplane. But he could not find it anywhere. The sky was empty. The writer landed his Dakota aeroplane. He went to the control centre and asked a woman there who that other pilot was? The woman looked at the writer strangely. Then she laughed and said that no other planes were flying in such a stormy night. She told him and his plane was the only one that she could see on the radar.

Summary of Two Stories About Flying Part-II Black Aeroplane (2) :

1.On his Way to England: The moon was coming in the clear sky. The narrator was flying his old Dakota aeroplane over France back to England. He contacted Paris Control for instructions. He was asked to turn twelve degrees west. He thought that he would be in time for English breakfast.

2. Storm Clouds: Paris was 150 kilometres behind him. He saw the clouds in the sky. They were storm clouds. They looked like black mountains standing in front of him. He couldn’t avoid by flying up and over them. He didn’t have enough petrol (fuel) to fly around the north and south. He thought of going back to Paris. But he wanted to go home for breakfast.

3. Instruments Dead: The narrator took the risk. He flew that old Dakota straight into the storm. Inside the clouds, everything was suddenly black. He couldn’t see anything outside. The old aeroplane jumped and twisted in the air. He looked at the compass. It was dead. The other instruments were suddenly dead too. He tried the radio to contact Paris control. There was no answer. He didn’t know where he was. He was in a very hopeless situation.

4. Black Plane for Help: He was lost in the storm. Suddenly, he saw another aeroplane. The black aeroplane was flying next to him. He could see the pilot’s face. He was glad to see another person. “Follow me”, he said waving his one hand. The narrator followed him like an obedient child.

5. Landed Safely: He followed the black aeroplane for half an hour. Now there was only enough fuel in the old Dakota’s last tank to fly for five or ten minutes. Then he started going down. He saw two straight lines of lights before him. It was a runway. “An airport,” he cried in joy. He turned to look for his friend in the black aeroplane, but the sky was empty. He wanted to say ‘Thank you” to his rescuer.

6. The mystery about the Black Aeroplane: After landing, he went to the control tower. He asked the lady there where he was. He also asked who the other pilot was. She looked at him strangely and then laughed. She replied that no other aeroplane was flying that night. She could only see his aeroplane on the radar. Who helped the narrator to arrive there safely without a compass or a radio, and without any more fuel in his tanks? It remained an unsolved mystery.


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