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What Is The Theme of Two Stories About Flying Part-I His First Flight

`His First Flight’ is a story of hesitation, trial and error and finally getting success in the end. It is an interesting story of a hesitant and timid seagull learning the art of flying. While his two brothers and sister had already learnt flying, his fear and hesitation stopped him from doing so. His diving at the fish due to hunger proved a blessing in disguise. After a shaky start, he spread out his wings and started flying upwards and downwards. It was his first flight. The author gives a message that no one attains success instantly. Repeated trials and errors lead him to success.

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What Is The Theme of Two Stories About Flying Part-II Black Aeroplane

Frederick Forsyth describes quite a unique but mysterious experience during his flight from Paris to London. During the flight, he was lost amid mountains of dark clouds. He couldn’t believe his eyes. The compass was dead. It would not work. He received no answer from Paris Control either. He could see another aeroplane flying next to him through the storm. He followed the strange aeroplane until he could see the runway and was safe. When asked from the control centre, he was told that no plane except his own was flying in the storm. Where did the aeroplane come from? Who was the man who asked him to follow him? Where did he disappear after leaving him in safety? These are the questions which are still surrounded in mystery.

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