The Browning Version Class 11 NCERT Question Answers

By | September 24, 2022
The Browning Version Class 11 NCERT Question Answers

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The Browning Version Class 11 NCERT Question Answers

Understanding the Text

1.Comment on the attitude shown by Taplow towards Crocker-Harris.
Ans. Mr Crocker-Harris is Taplow’s Latin teacher at a school. His attitude towards his teacher is a mixture of fear and liking. At first, he gives Crocker-Harris a poor rating as a teacher and also as a human being. He makes fun of him by imitating his voice and repeating his words. He is so much afraid of Crocker-Harris that he dare not cut him. His promotion depends on the recommendation of Crocker-Harris. Frank encourages Taplow to talk against his teacher because he wants to know as to why all the students are scared of Mr Crocker-Harris. But Taplow takes a U-turn. He admires some qualities of his teacher. Crocker-Harris, he says, is not a sadist like some other masters. He does not beat the boys. He also respects the rules of the school and does not leak the results before time. In spite of all the strange behaviour, Taplow likes his teacher and he cannot help it.

2. Does Frank seem to encourage Taplow’s comments on Crocker-Harris?
Ans. Yes, Frank seems to be envious of Crocker-Harris’s awe-inspiring quality. He wonders why the students dare not displease him. When Taplow starts opening up, Frank encourages him to speak ill of Crocker-Harris. He asks the boy to imitate his teacher. Frank enjoys when Taplow ridicules his Latin teacher.

3. What do you gather about Crocker-Harris from the play?
Ans. Mr Crocker-Harris Is Taplow’s teacher. He teaches the Latin language. Clearly enough, he is very strict. He obeys the rules of school himself and expects his students to do the same. He is held in awe by all the students. They dare not cut him or disobey him. Other teachers, like the science teacher. Frank, feel jealous of him. He wonders how Crocker-Harris has created that impression even though he never beats the students nor takes pleasure in causing pain to them. Taplow turns tip to do some work for him in order to make up for his absence one day. But Crocker-Harris himself fails to turn up at school staff room at 6.30. Both Frank and Mrs Crocker-Harris tell Taplow to get away and play golf. But Taplow is scared to do that.

Talking about the Text

Discuss with your partners

1.Talking about teachers among friends.
Ans. I am personally against the habit of discussing teachers. Some mischievous boys enjoy making fun of some teachers. They mimic them and ridicule them. It is their way to hit hack at a strict and discipline-demanding teacher. This is bad. With exceptions, teachers deserve our respect. Discussing a teacher among friends shows one’s bad manners and bad upbringing. It is nothing less than character assassination.

2. The manner you adopt when you talk about a teacher to other teachers.
Ans I is very cautious when I talk about one teacher to another. The professional rivalry is Common among teachers as well. Some enjoy more respect than others by virtue of their Teaching skills and behaviour. When a teacher prods me to speak about his colleague, I usually avoid a direct answer. I neither praise nor downrate any teacher.

3. Reading plays is more interesting than studying science.
Ans. Science and literature are as far apart as the two poles. Science is exact or based on facts, whereas literature is writings of fiction such as novels, plays and poems which may be true or a product of one’s imagination. A play, for example, depicts various classes of society, their customs and mode of speaking. It provides a pleasant escape from the hard realities of life. Physics and chemistry are based on formulae and reasoning. These subjects are rather dry and difficult; whereas reading plays takes us to a different level of entertainment.

Working with Words

1. Sadist is a person who gets pleasure out of giving pain to others. Given below are some

Dictionary definitions of certain kinds of persons. Find out the words that fit these


1.A person who considers it very Important that things should be correct or genuine e.g. in the use of language or in the arts : P…

Ans. Punctilious

2. A person who believes that war and violence are wrong and will not fight in a war: P…

 Ans. Pacifist

3. A person who believes that nothing really exists: N…

Ans. Nihilist

4. A person who is always hopeful and expects the best in all things: 0…


5. A person who follows generally accepted norms of behaviour: C…

Ans. Conservative

6. A person who believes that material possessions are all that matter in life: M…

Ans. Materialist