21.Short Essay and Article on : Advantages of a Positive Attitude

You believe that a positive attitude is needed to ensure happiness, health and success. you, are Krish/Karya. Write an article in 125-150 words on: “Advantages of a positive attitude.”

Ans.                                                       Advantages of a Positive Attitude

by Krish

Buddha said, ‘We are what we think.’ In today’s fast-paced lives where one is constantly subjected to competition and even failure, it is imperative to have a positive attitude in life to be able to cope with everyday challenges.

Having a positive attitude is not only desirable but is also required for happiness, health and success, It brings optimism and makes it easy to avoid worries and negative thinking. If a positive attitude is adopted as a way of life, it brings constructive changes in our lives. A positive attitude gives us a sense of hope which brings along new energy to do things and accomplish goals with constructive and creative thinking. Positive thinking also gives us the strength to not to give up and inspires us to encounter obstacles and chase our dreams, despite the defeat, to be ultimately successful. Positive attitude increases our faith in our own ability and brings hope for a brighter future and thus increases our happiness and confidence. A positive attitude results in a healthy mind and body. A lot of what we eat is connected to what we think. Therefore, positive thinking not only leads to a healthy mind but also leads to a balanced lifestyle. It is true that the journey of our life begins in our minds. Out mind is a garden where we need to sow seeds of positivity and optimism to allow us to live a more fruitful and meaningful life.

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