137. Short Essay and Article on : ‘Importance of Time’

We must hold time by its forelocks. Time and tide wait for none. Time once gone can never be recalled or recollected. Only repentance remains. Do not put off till tomorrow what you can do today. To avail oneself of the opportunity one has to be vigilant and call alert. Time is miserly. We must utilize it to the best of our capabilities. Taking hints from the above lines write an article on the ‘Importance of Time’.

Ans.                                                     IMPORTANCE OF TIME

Time never stays stationary. Moments once allowed to slip unutilized will never return. We should remain vigilant and utilize the present moments. Who knows what is there in the womb of the future. Tomorrow never comes, and it is always today. Tomorrow is uncertain. So whatever you want to do, you must do that in the present. Time knocks at the door but only once, and if that opportunity is lost, everything is lost. A student who says that there are still many days left for the test might have to face failure. The policy of postponement invariably leads to loss and defeat. Time and tide wait for none. Those who are not watchful have to repent but repentance is no remedy. Life is very short. If you know the importance of time and respect time, time will respect you.

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