Report Writing for Class 12 CBSE | Topics | Examples 2023- 24

By | May 12, 2023
CBSE Class 12 English Writing Skills Formats 2018 Along With Topics Of Report Writing

The following page is dedicated to Report Writing for class 12. It is very useful for the students preparing for CBSE exams. Go through these examples and gain insight to do good in your board exams.

1. Your school had the unique privilege of having been invited to witness a programme of dance and drama titled ‘Bharat Jag Utah’ in the Red Fort, Delhi on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of India’s independence. Write a report to be read out in the morning assembly of your school. You are Shabbos/Samir.

Ans.                                                                  AN EVENT TO REMEMBER

(By Shabbos)

Delhi, August 16, 20xx

 It was a matter of great privilege for our institution to have been invited to witness a thrilling dance and drama programme—`Bharat Jag Utah’ at the historic Red Fort on the auspicious occasion of the 70th anniversary of India’s independence. The spectacular educative show produced and presented by the artists of the Drama Division of All India Radio, brought alive the sacrifices made by the sons and the daughters of India during the struggle for freedom. It comprised of a dance-drama titled ‘Jagriti’, an audio-visual show and two patriotic songs. It also highlighted the progress India made in different domains since independence. Scenes depicting sacrifices infused the spirit of patriotism in the spectators. The memories of this colourful programme are indelibly printed on our hearts.

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2. You have watched the recent total solar eclipse (last eclipse of the Millennium) from the Planetarium through the arrangements made by the Planetarium Authorities. Write a report.

Ans.                                                     A RARE HEAVENLY EVENT

(by Rakesh: Class XI)

 I was lucky to get a rare privilege to view the recent total solar eclipse—the last eclipse of the Millennium—from the Planetarium. The Planetarium Authorities had made elaborate and necessary arrangements to enable the general public to watch the heavenly event. It was a breath-taking and marvellous sight to see the total eclipse when the sun was hidden by the shadow of the moon. Only its glittering outer ring was visible behind the black circle that was the moon. This amazing phenomenon of the heavenly bodies was witnessed of thousands of enthusiasts all over the subcontinent. All viewers termed it a unique and awesome experience. This view reminds us that we are but a tiny dot in this vast universe.

Report Writing for Class 12 CBSE

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3. Armed men looted 5.5 lakh in cash and valuables. Write a report taking hints from the input given below: masked men; pistols and knives; removed the grill to enter; overpowered inmates, fled, the siren of a police vehicle.

Ans.                                                     ROBBERY AT GUNPOINT

(By AB/XY)

New Delhi: 20 January

 Seven masked men brandishing pistols and knives broke into the house of an engineer living in Saket and looted 5.5 lakh and valuables. The incident was reported around 2 a.m. on Tuesday. The men removed the grill off the kitchen window to enter the residence. After gaining entry they overpowered the inmates and asked about the money. The police said that the dacoits seem to know the family had about 20 lakh at home. They must have got the information from someone close to the family. The dacoits left when they heard the siren of a police vehicle.

Report Writing for Class 12 CBSE

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4. You were caught in a shower of rain. Write about your experience. You may use the points given below: cloudy weather; no umbrella; heavy showers; drenched; shivering; cold; confined to bed.

 Ans.                                                    CAUGHT IN A SHOWER

(By Reema)

 It was cloudy and I was sure that black clouds pregnant with water vapours would deliver any time. I could not miss my school as I was to conduct a programme. As my brother had taken the umbrella I left for my school without an umbrella. I was crossing the ground. Suddenly there started a heavy downpour. I got fully drenched. I ran for shelter and stood under the window shade of a house. I was shivering by now. In the afternoon I had a headache and fever. My nose was running. For two days I remained bed-confined and had to swallow bitter pills and cough syrup to get well.

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5. You were waiting for a local bus. You saw two scooter-borne men. One of them snatched a chain from the neck of a lady boarding the bus. Panic spread. They disappeared. Describe the unfortunate incident.

Another Example of Report Writing for Class 12 CBSE

Ans.                                         CHAIN SNATCHES STRIKE AGAIN

(by Rama)

 I was waiting for the local bus on Monday. The bus came and all the passengers rushed towards it. It was difficult for the ladies to board it. All of a sudden, two scooter-borne men appeared from nowhere. One of them came near the door and snatched a chain from the neck of a lady passenger. His accomplice fired a shot in the air. Panic spread and everybody drew back. They speeded up their vehicle and disappeared into thin air. The victim had a cut on her neck. Nobody could note down the number of the vehicle. Seeing all this I felt ashamed of our generation.

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6. Raman/Reema is the secretary of the Drama and Music Club of DAV School, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi. He/She has been asked by the class teacher to write a report on the Teachers’ Day Celebration for the school magazine. Invent details yourself keeping in view the following hints: students became teachers; sports activities for teachers; musical programme, teachers’ role praised

Ans.                                         TEACHERS’ DAY CELEBRATION

(By Raman)

This year Teacher’s Day was celebrated in a very different way in our school. The students of classes XI and XII had planned the day in such a manner that there was never a dull moment.

 The day started with the Morning Assembly which was conducted by the teachers. Our Maths teacher Ms Geeta read out the news in English. Ms Roma came on the stage and read the “Thought of the Day.” After that, the Head Boy and the Head Girl felicitated the teachers by presenting them with small bouquets and cards.

Later on at about 9:30 a.m. some sports activities like a volleyball match and a badminton match were conducted between senior students and the senior teachers. A game of musical chairs was also played which resulted in a lot of fun and laughter.

Towards the afternoon teachers were served light snacks and tea. The programme came to an end with a musical competition between two groups of teachers. It was an hour-long competition and we were all surprised to see the talent of our teachers. The best team was given prizes by our Principal. All in all, it was an eventful day which was enjoyed equally by teachers and students.

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7. You are the student editor of your school magazine. Your school has organized a Blood Donation Camp on the occasion of Independence Day celebrations. Write a report for the magazine. Keep in mind the following points: noble gesture; local Rotary Club; encouraging response; appreciation certificates and cards; highly acclaimed

Ans.                                                       A NOBLE GESTURE BY STUDENTS

(By ABC)

 On the eve of Independence Day celebrations, our school organized a ‘Blood Donation Camp’ with the support of the local ‘Rotary Club’. The response was encouraging. About 100 teachers and students came forward for this humanitarian cause. Our dynamic Principal inaugurated the camp by being the first one to donate. Each donor was given an appreciation certificate and a card to get blood free of cost in compelling need or emergency. The noble gesture of blood donation was highly acclaimed in the press. The Rotary Club treated the donors to light refreshment. The camp was a grand success and the credit goes to our Principal.

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8. Reeta is secretary of the Cultural Society of Vivekananda School. Van Mahotsava was celebrated in her school on August 24. She is asked to write a report on the programme. Write the report with all the necessary details about the programme, participants, cleanliness, tree plantation, dances etc.

Ans.                                                          VAN MAHOTSAVA CELEBRATED

(By Reeta)

 Our school celebrated Van Mahotsava on August 24 along with a cultural programme. The students presented two songs, which highlighted the importance of trees. The boys and the girls of class XI presented a dance drama which got thunderous applause from the spectators. Van Mahotsava followed. About 100 saplings of different varieties of trees were planted by the students and the staff along the boundary of the school. Mrs Kiran Bedi, the first woman police officer, graced the occasion as the chief guest. She asked the students to take proper care of the planted saplings until they grow bigger. The Principal thanked Mrs Bedi and the gathering. The local press appreciated our efforts.

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9. A cultural programme marked the celebrations of the Golden Jubilee of your school. Taking clues from the following points write a report for your school magazine. You are a student of Mansarovar School. Goddess Saraswati; school achievements; annual report; cultural show; thunderous applause; refreshment.

 Ans.                                        GOLDEN JUBILEE CELEBRATIONS

Mansarovar School Raja Garden celebrated its Golden Jubilee with a lot of gravity on 13 February. The Chief Minister Sh. A. Kejariwal was the Chief Guest. Many other dignitaries and some old students of the school were special invites. The programme started with the lighting of the lamp by the Chief Guest, Saraswati Vandana followed. Beautifully and tastefully decorated auditorium shook with clapping. Home Minister was the guest of honour. He praised the school for its dedicated service to education. The Chairman of the school thanked the gathering. The function ended with the singing of the National Anthem. Refreshments were served to the guests.

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10. As the reporter of ‘The Hindustan Times’ write a report on the fire accident in the marketplace which you witnessed. You are AIM/Alpha.

Ans.                                                 DEVASTATING FIRE CONSUMES CRORES

(By Abhi)

New Delhi, May 5, 20xx

A devastating fire broke out in the crowded Paschim Vihar cloth market last evening that consumed crores. High-speed winds fanned the fire and it engulfed the entire market. 20 shops were gutted completely. No casualties were reported but many got burn injuries and were hospitalized. Ten fire tenders battled for 8 hours to bring the fire under control. The cause of the fire has not been ascertained but the people say the possible cause could be a short-circuit. The shopkeepers have incurred heavy material losses. The CM has announced a high-level enquiry. The shopkeepers are demanding immediate aid as some of the shops are completely gutted by the fire.

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11. Recently the prize distribution function was held in your school. Keeping in mind the points given below construct a report. You are Rakesh who too has won a prize. decoration; chief guest; welcome; annual report read; prizes distributed, chief guest’s speech, thanksgiving, refreshments to prize winners and guests

Ans.                                         THE PRIZE DISTRIBUTION FUNCTION

(By Rakesh)

On 20th February, the prize distribution function of our school was held in the beautifully decorated hall. Sh. Kamal Kant I.P.S. was the Chief Guest. He was welcomed by the Principal and the members of the Managing Committee. The function started with Saraswati Vandana. Then the Principal read out the annual report. The Chief Guest gave away the prizes to the winners including myself. In his speech, Sh. Kant congratulated the winners and also the teachers for inculcating the right values in children. He encouraged all the students to give their best to whichever field they wanted to join. The Principal thanked the Chief Guest. The function ended with the singing of National Anthem. Guests and prize winners were invited to have refreshments with the Chief Guest.

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12. Describe what you saw at the Sports Day function of your school. The following points may help you write the report. fields; sunny winter day; fields decorated; impressive march past; various events; musical chair race for guests, photographed; light refreshment.

 Ans.                                                        SPORTS DAY CELEBRATION

Our School celebrated its Annual Sports Day on February 15, a sunny winter day. The field was decorated with flags, festoons and buntings. The chief guest Sh. K. Raman, Director of D.A.V. Society, arrived sharp at 9:30 a.m. He was welcomed by our Principal. The Sports Meet opened with a March Past by all the four Houses of school. Races for different distances, three-legged race, high and long jumps, hammer, javelin and shot-put throws were held. Musical chair for the guests attracted much applause. The winners were photographed. The Chief Guest distributed the prizes to the winners. Rajesh of class XII was adjudged the best athlete. The Principal declared the meet closed and read out the note of thanks. Light refreshment followed.

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13. You witnessed a cricket match between India and Pakistan. Write a report on the atmosphere on the cricket ground during the match.

 Ans.                                                    INDIA VS PAKISTAN CRICKET MATCH

(By Aman)

Last Sunday a one-day international cricket match was played between India and Pakistan at Kotla grounds. The stadium was fully packed with enthusiasts. They cheered the Indian bowlers at every ball. Whenever a Pakistani batsman was out, there was a loud shout of joy. If the Pakistani batsmen scored there was dampness. When a batsman showed slackness in scoring runs, he was hooted down. The atmosphere was full of fun, joy and cheers. The last moments were tense. The spectators were biting their nails. But when Dhoni hit the last ball to the stands and led India to win, the crowd went crazy. A wild dance shook the stadium.

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14. India’s first woman President was sworn in on July 25, 2007. Write a report about the event. The following input can be helpful to you.

A milestone; first woman President; oath by Chief Justice; oath in English; speech in English and Hindi; appealed for economic growth, women’s empowerment; fight against communalism, terrorism.

Ans.                                                                 Sworn

A milestone was reached in India’s history on July 25, 2007, with Smt. Pratibha Patil being was sworn in as the first woman President at a ceremony in Parliament House. She was administered the oath of office by the Chief Justice of India. Patil took oath in English and, subsequently, read out English and Hindi versions of her speech. Patil appealed for economic growth, women’s empowerment and fight against communalism and terrorism. Present on the occasion were UPA and NDA leaders, chief ministers and governors, bureaucrats and diplomats and members of Patil’s family.

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15. Recently you happened to pass the Roshanara Road and saw hanging electric wires and dysfunctional street lights. You met many residents of the area and everybody showed concern. Write a press report for your newspaper. You are a special correspondent.

Ans.                                         ELECTRICITY BOARD–NOT LISTENING

(By Nitin, the special correspondent)

 Delhi May 4, 20xx

Those living in colonies adjoining the Roshanara Road have been complaining of sparking in the open wires dangling on the electric poles. Since the electric wiring is old, it results in frequent sparking. Raj Kumar, a resident of Jaina Building, says, “Sparking from the wires is a common problem during the monsoon season. The Board should change the wiring and go for underground wiring.” Though Ravi Sharma, president, RWA has made complaints with the Board yet no action has been taken. The board authorities are being callous. It seems or they are waiting for some serious accident to happen and then take action.

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16. Many parts of Delhi are facing demolition drive by the civil authorities. All unauthorized commercial outlets are being sealed. Traders come out on the roads to register their anger. There are protest demonstrations. Write a report for your newspaper.

Ans.                                         DEMOLITION AND SEALING CONTINUE

(By Raj, Correspondent ‘The Times of India’)

Delhi, March 15

 The Civic authorities continued their demolition and sealing drive on Tuesday in PrashantVihar, Rohini. The bulldozers demolished unauthorized commercial outlets and sealed many other shops. The police force was present to assist the authorities and to keep law and order under control. The traders came out on the roads to show their anger. They tried to halt the bulldozers but the police kept them away. The shopkeepers shouted slogans against the government. No untoward incident happened yesterday although some youths tried to throw stones at the officials. According to a Delhi Government spokesman, the drive will continue on Wednesday also.

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17. ‘Do not drink and drive’ is a terse message but our youngsters care a fig for it and give it a go-by. This attitude can make one’s journey the final journey. Traffic police assert bold advertisements asking people not to take to wheels after drinking. Statistics on road mishap deaths reveal that not many pay heed to the warnings. Report a ghastly road accident as a reporter for a newspaper.

Ans.                                                     GHASTLY ROAD ACCIDENT

(By R. Bansal)

New Delhi, February 24

 A heavily drunk boy with three others on board ploughed his Skoda Laura car onto the pavement at very high speed outside the National Gallery of Art on the India Gate round-about. This ghastly accident occurred around 4.45 a.m., the police said. Initial investigation revealed that the four friends were drunk. The car became airborne due to the impact and smashed into a tree. It rolled over thrice, the eyewitnesses said. The two rear seat occupants died on the spot. According to the Police, there was a girl passenger and a boy on the rear seat. The girl’s upper body was jutting out of the car window in a pool of blood. The boy’s body was mangled beyond recognition. The two surviving occupants are struggling for their lives in a city hospital. The security guard at the Gallery informed the PCR. If this accident opens the eyes of the youngsters, there is nothing like that.

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18. A brawl between students and a bus crew took an ugly shape. Students stoned the buses passing that way. Drivers left their buses on the road and created a traffic jam. Write a report. You are Ravi, the special correspondent.

Ans.                                                          STUDENTS THRASH THE CREW

(by Ravi, Special Correspondent)

Delhi, 12 August. A brawl between the students and the bus crew took an ugly shape. A bus hit and injured a college girl near Khalsa College. The driver had tried to jump the red light. The students forced the driver to stop and demanded an apology from the crew but they started abusing them. The students beat the crew up and started stoning other buses. Other drivers left their buses and created a traffic jam. The police arrived and tried to settle the matter. At first, the driver of the bus was adamant but then he apologised to the students. Within twenty minutes the other drivers drove away their buses and normal movement of traffic resumed. The crowd dispersed and the traffic was smooth once again. Everybody appreciated the role of the police. 29. Unprecedented security arrangements turned Delhi into a fortress for August 15.

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19. Your school celebrated it is Silver Jubilee paying homage to Gandhiji. School also organized a ‘Clean Yamuna’ walk. The Eco Club of the school organized a cleanliness campaign to beautify the school from within and without. A variety show was presented. The chief guest, an old pupil of the school, gave away the prizes. Write a report.

Ans.                                                     SILVER JUBILEE CELEBRATION

(By Poonam)

Delhi, April 5

Blue Moon School, Snehpuri, celebrated its Silver Jubilee by paying homage to the father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. A ‘Clean Yamuna’ walk was organized from Raj Ghat

to the school spreading awareness through banners, placards and slogans, educating the public about segregation and disposal of waste. School Eco Club organized a cleanliness campaign to clean the school surroundings. A variety show in the beautifully decorated school auditorium entertained the spectators. The chief guest, Sh. Rajan Sharma I.P.S. an alumnus of the school gave away the prizes. The National Anthem sung in unison gave a befitting closure to the function.

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20. Your school celebrated its 78th Annual Day with the release of the Platinum Jubilee souvenir. The Principal highlighted the achievements of the school. Children presented various cultural items and the function ended with the singing of the National Anthem. Write a report.

 Ans.                                        PLATINUM JUBILEE SOUVENIR

(By Sudha)

Delhi, March 4

Jain School, Indrajeet Nagar, celebrated its 78th Annual Day with the release of the Platinum Jubilee souvenir carrying the photo of its founders—Ramesh Kumar and Mohan Kumar. The Principal presenting the annual report highlighted the achievements of the school in various domains. The programme commenced with a musical composition by Sharma Bandhus rendered by the school orchestra. Group songs and group dance followed this enchanting presentation. A dance drama based on corruption in society was liked by the audience. The chairman thanked the gathering. The participants were given prizes. The celebrations came to a close with the singing of the national anthem.

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21. Write a report on ‘No Tobacco Day’ programme organised by your school on February 10, 20xx. Clues: Placards; slogans; doctors; cancer; tobacco in different modes.

 Ans.                                                    NO TOBACCO DAY

(by Raj/Rita)

 February 11, 20xx

To inculcate awareness about the harmful effects of tobacco our school organised a programme on ‘No Tobacco Day’ on February 10. Parents of all the students of classes XI and XII were invited. The students through placards, posters, skits and songs highlighted the risks involved in the chewing of tobacco. Dr R.K. Sharma and Dr J.S. Ahluwalia renowned doctors were special invitees. They warned the people about lung cancer, heart problem, mouth cancer etc. that are caused due to smoking. They also warned against passive smoking. They advised the people to shun cigarette, bidi, pan masala, gutka, etc. that kill and shorten life. The audience appreciated the efforts made by the students.

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22. You are Ashok/Ambika. You participated in an inter-school debate competition as a contestant organized by the Rotary Club of your area in which you spoke favouring the motion and you stood first. The topic was: In the opinion of the house, free education up to secondary level is the fundamental right of every Indian child. Write a report on this event.

Ans.                                         INTER-SCHOOL DEBATE COMPETITION

(By Ambika)

Delhi: March 5, 20xx

An inter-school debate competition organized by the local Rotary Club was held in our school auditorium. Ten schools including Hans Raj Model School, Delhi International School, Appejay Public School and our school were shortlisted to participate. I was one of the speakers taking part in this competition. About 10 students spoke in favour and an equal number spoke against the motion—Free Education up to the Secondary Level is the Fundamental Right of Every Indian Child. I spoke favouring the motion and pleaded that education is a must to make us, broad-minded, enlightened and tolerant. Education gives us a chance to do something for our society. Education up to secondary level should be made free and compulsory. I bagged the first prize and made my school proud. Second prize went to the students of the Apeejay School.

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23. Recently you came across a bizarre case where a friend got his own friend killed by a contract killer for monetary gains. Write a report.

Clues: Insurance; friend nominee; false death certificate; contract killer; police.

Ans.                                         FRIEND KILLS FRIEND TO CLAIM INSURANCE

(by H7′ Correspondent)

 New Delhi, April 4. A million dollar insurance policy taken by Jagtar Singh (40) in America at the insistence of his friend Onkar Nath, who was a nominee in the policy, led to his murder. “Five years back, the accused convinced the victim to get insured and he himself became the beneficiary,” said the police. Later, Onkar Nath asked Jagtar Singh to procure a false death certificate from India to claim the money and share it. When Singh refused his demand, Onkar Nath got him killed by a contract killer. The police have sounded the Indian Mission to prevent Onkar Nath, who is in America, from claiming the insurance money.

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24. Write a report.  Clues: Militant may sneak; security pickets; precautionary arrests; foolproof security.

Ans.                                                     DELHI-ON HIGH ALERT

(By HT Correspondent)

 New Delhi, August 13. Security along the capital’s borders has been tightened after Delhi police got input that militants might sneak in to disrupt the Independence Day celebrations. The checking of vehicles and persons entering Delhi has been intensified. The historic Red Fort has been closed to the public and security pickets have been put all around it. The special checking of guest houses and hotels is being done to nab unscrupulous elements. Sixteen companies of security forces were deployed for patrolling. Delhi Police have made some precautionary arrests and foolproof security arrangements have been assured. The Home Ministry is keeping a watch on all the arrangements.

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25. Delhi Metro has proved to be a boon but people are against elevated Metro. They say it will cause noise pollution and for it, trees will have to be chopped off. There will be chaos on the roads. A forum named ‘Voice of Reason’ organized a march against the construction of elevated Metro. Write a report.

Ans.                                         MARCH AGAINST ELEVATED METRO

Delhi: March 9

A forum named ‘Voice of Reason’ organized a peaceful march against the construction of the elevated corridor for the Metro. The students from Blue Bells School, Lady Shri Ram College and Amrit Kaur Nursing College took out a protest march. The students argued—the Metro will cause a lot of noise pollution and whatever trees we have will be chopped off for the proposed elevated corridor. Many students and their parents showed their concern saying that this elevated construction will shorten the width of the roads and there will be chaos and apprehension of accidents. The turnout for the march has been more than the expectations of the organizers.

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