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By | August 28, 2023
MCQ of Bholi Class 10

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MCQ of Bholi Class 10

1.What was Bholi’s real name?

(A) Champa                                        (B) Radha

(C) Mangla                                          (D) Sulekha

2. What was the name of Bholi’s father?

(A) Ramlal                                          (B) Krishanlal

(C) Hiralal                                           (D) Murarilal

3. How many daughters did Ramlal have?

(A) one                                                 (B) two

(C) three                                              (D) four

4. Which post did Ramlal hold in the village?

(A) Sarpanch                                     (B) Numberdar

(C) Tehsildar                                      (D) Headmaster

5. How many children did Ramlal have?

(A) four                                               (B) five

(C) six                                                   (D) seven

6. What was wrong with Sulekha?

(A) she had black pock-marks on      

(B) she was a backward child her face

(C) she spoke with halts                     

(D) all of the above

7. At what age did Bholi begin to speak?

(A) three                                             (B) four

(C) five                                                (D) six

8. Who was Ramlal’s eldest daughter?

(A) Radha                                           (B) Mangla

(C) Champa                                       (D) Sulekha

9. Why did Tehsildar come to Ramlal’s village?

(A) to perform the opening ceremony of the girl’s school

(B) to attend Radha’s wedding

(C) to meet the village people

(D) all of the above

10. Ramlal was the ………….official of the village.

(A) administrative                          (B) revenue

(C) police                                            (D) education

11.Do you think Ramlal’s step of sending Bholi to study was a blessing for her?




(D)Maybe not

12. Why did Bholi shout in fright & terror?

(A)Her father took her to school

(B)She saw a ghost

(C)She heard strange noises

(D)She was lost

13. Why was Bholi lucky?

(A)She had won a price

(B)She had received Champa’s clean dress

(C)She was going out of the village

(D)None of the above

14. What were Bholi’s thoughts about the school?

(A)It was a scary place

(B)It was a dangerous place

(C)It was a fun place

(D)It was a better place than home

15. Why was Bholi happy at school?

(A)There were many girls of her age

(B)She was hoping to make friends

(C)It was a fun place

(D)Both (A) & (B)

16. What was Bholi impressed with?

(A)Pictures of birds & mammals on the walls

(B)The way girls had dressed up

(C)The school building’s architecture

(D)All of the above

17. What did the teacher ask Bholi?

(A)Her age

(B)Her name

(C)Her address

(D)Her identity card

18. Why couldn’t Bholi pronounce her name?

(A)Because she didn’t know the spelling

(B)Because she was stammering

(C)Because she was petrified

(D)All of the above

19. Was the teacher affectionate towards Bholi?




(D)Maybe not

20. What assurity did the teacher give Bholi?

(A)Soon she will be able to speak like everyone else

(B)She will score good marks

(C)She will be a part of the school committee

(D)All of the above

21. What did the Tehsildar urge Ramlal about his daughters?

(A) send them to school                (B) marry them soon

(C) send them to the city              (D) all of the above

22. Of the four daughters of Ramlal, who was sent to school?

(A) Radha                                         (B) Mangla

(C) Champa                                      (D) Bholi

23. How was Bholi treated in the family?

(A) she was not given new clothes    

(B) none cared to wash her clothes

(C) none cared to comb her hair        

(D) all of the above

24. What was Bholi’s reaction when Ramlal ask her to go to school for the first time?

(A) she was not given new clothes    

(B) I she was excited 

(C) she cried with fear                                 

(D) none of the above

25. Who was Lakshmi?

(A) Bholi’s mother                            (B) Bholi’s cow

(C) Bholi’s teacher                           (D) Bholi’s classmate

26. Which picture did Bholi see on the school wall?

(A) parrot                                            (B) cow

(C) goat                                                (D) all of the above

27. How did Bholi find the teacher on her very first day in the school?

(A) cruel                                              (B) hard

(C) kind and loving                          (D) all of the above

28. Who came to marry Bholi?

(A) Bishamber Nath                        (B) Hari Nath

(C) Pran Nath                                    (D) Deena Nath

29. What did Bishamber demand as dowry?

(A) two thousand rupees               (B) five thousand rupees

(C) ten thousand rupees                (D) twenty thousand rupees

30. Who is the real artist in the story ‘Bholi’?

(A) the teacher                                  (B) Ramlal

(C) Bholi                                              (D) Bishamber Nath

31.Why did Bholi reluctantly agree to marry Bhishamber?

(A)To keep the honour of her family

(B)She wanted the good of her family

(C)She was shy & reserved

(D)None of the above

32.Why was everyone including the family stunned to hear Bholi speak?

(A)She never spoke that loudly

(B)She spoke without stammering

(C)She couldn’t speak before that

(D)All of the above

33. Do you think that Bholi’s decision to not marry Bhishamber was an act of bravery?



(C)May be

(D)May be not

34. Was the teacher proud of Bholi?



(C)May be

(D)May be not

35. Which daughter of Ramlal attended school?





36. What was the name of Bholi’s cow?





37. Who do you think is the real hero of the chapter ‘Bholi’?





38. Which important decisions were taken by Bholi?

(A)She refused to mary a greedy and mean person

(B)She decided to serve her old parents and teach in the same school

(C)She decided to lodge a complaint

(D)Both (A) & (B)

39. Do you think Bholi took the right decisions?



(C)May be

(D)May be not

40. Do you agree that inner beauty is always prettier than outer beauty just like Bholi’s?



(C)May be

(D)May be not

41.Bholi the story of the little village girl has been penned down by ______.

(A)K. A. Abbas

(B)Robert Frost

(C)Walt Whiteman

(D)None of the above

42. Why was Bholi always discriminated in the chapter ‘Bholi’?

(A)She had pock-marks on her face

(B)She stammered

(C)She was a simpleton

(D)All of the above

43. How old was Bholi when she suffered an attack of smallpox?

(A)2 years old

(B)3 years old

(C)4 years old

(D)5 years old

44. How did Bholi damage a part of her brain?

(A)She fell from the cot

(B)She was hit by a car

(C)She banged her head against the wall

(D)None of the above

45. What was the reason for Bholi’s transformation as in the chapter ‘Bholi’?

(A)Job opportunity


(C)A visit to the parlour

(D)All of the above

46. What transformation did education bring in Bholi?

(A)She became fearless

(B)She became courageous

(C)She became confident

(D)All of the above

47. Why was Bholi called so in the chapter ‘Bholi’?

(A)She remained backwards

(B)She was dumb

(C)She was too simple

(D)None of the above

48. How was Bholi by birth, as per the chapter, Bholi?

(A)She was fair & pretty

(B)She was dark & ugly

(C)She was dumb

(D)All of the above

49. What was Bholi’s real name in the chapter ‘Bholi’?





50. What was the effect of smallpox on Bholi?

(A)Her eyes were saved

(B)Her body had disfigured

(C)She had deep black pock-marks

(D)All of the above

51.Why did children make fun of Bholi?

(A)She was dumb & weird

(B)She stammered & spoke slowly

(C)She was a slow learner

(D)She looked funny

52. How many siblings did Bholi have?





53. Bholi was the ________ of all the other siblings.





54. ‘Ramlal had seven children–three sons and four daughters’- who is ‘Ramlal’ in the chapter ‘Bholi’?

(A)Bholi’s father

(B)Bholi’s uncle

(C)Bholi’s brother

(D)None of the above

55. How were Bholi’s siblings in comparison to her?

(A)Good looking & healthy


(C)Not so attractive

(D)Fair & pretty

56. Why was Ramlal very worried about Bholi?

(A)She was too cunning

(B)She was neither good looking nor intelligent

(C)She was too talkative & outgoing

(D)All of the above

57. What was the turning point in Bholi’s life?

(A)The opening of a primary school

(B)Marriage proposal

(C)An accident

(D)None of the above

58. Who performed the opening ceremony of the primary school in Bholi’s village?

(A)The Tehsildar

(B)The Sarpanch

(C)The Minister

(D)The Area officer

 59. What did the Tehsildar ask Ramlal to do in the chapter ‘Bholi’?

(A)To join the school as a clerk

(B)To send all his daughters to study

(C)To send all his sons to study

(D)To take care of the school

60. Did Ramlal have the courage to disobey the Tehsildar in the chapter ‘Bholi’?



(C)May be

(D)May be not

61.What did the teacher ask Bholi to do?

(A)To come to her house for tuitions

(B)To come to school every day

(C)To learn her spellings

(D)To exercise daily

62. Why was Bholi surprised?

(A)That she could speak the word ‘YES’

(B)That teacher was so affectionate

(C)That the school was huge

(D)None of the above

63. Why was Bholi’s heart throbbing with new hope & new life?

(A)Teacher assured her that soon she will be more learned than the rest

(B)Soon she will be able to read the picture book

(C)Soon no one will be able to laugh at her

(D)All of the above

64. Was it the teacher’s contribution towards Bholi’s changed personality?




(D)Maybe not

65. Was Bholi able to gain confidence in speaking without stammering?



(C)May be

(D)May be not

66. Whose marriage proposal was received for Bholi?





67. Why was Bhishamber a mismatch for Bholi?

(A)He was 50 years old

(B)He said kids from an earlier marriage

(C)He walked with limbs

(D)All of the above

68. How much money did Bhishamber demand to marry Bholi?

(A)50,000 rupees

(B)5,000 rupees

(C)55,000 rupees

(D)15,000 rupees

69. Did Ramlal succumb to the bridegroom’s demand, in the chapter ‘Bholi’?



(C)May be

(D)May be not

70. What was Bholi’s reaction to the bridegroom’s demand?

(A)She threw the garland in fire

(B)She refused to marry him

(C)She took a firm stand for herself

(D)All of the above


1. (D) Sulekha
2. (A) Ramlal
3. (D) four
4. (B) Numberdar
5. (D) seven
6. (D) all of the above
7. (C) five
8. (A) Radha
9. (A) to perform the opening ceremony of the girl’s school
10. (B) revenue
11. (A) Yes
12. (A) Her father took her to school
13. (B) She had received Champa’s clean dress
14. (D) It was a better place than home
15. (D) Both (A) & (B)
16. (A) Pictures of birds & mammals on the walls
17. (B) Her name
18. (B) Because she was stammering
19. (A) Yes
20. (A) Soon she will be able to speak like everyone else
21. (A) send them to school
22. (B) Bholi
23. (D) all of the above
24. (C) she cried with fear
25. (B) Bholi’s cow
26. (D) all of the above
27. (C) kind and loving
28. (A) Bishamber Nath
29. (B) five thousand rupees
30. (A) the teacher
31. (A) To keep the honour of her family
32. (B) She spoke without stammering
33. (A) Yes
34. (A) Yes
35. (D) Sulekha
36. (A) Laxmi
37. (D) Teacher
38. (D) Both (A) & (B)
39. (B) Yes
40. (A) Yes
41. (A) K. A. Abbas
42. (D) All of the above
43. (A) 2 years old
44. (A) She fell from the cot
45. (B) Education
46. (D) All of the above
47. (A) She remained backward
48. (A) She was fair & pretty
49. (B) Sulekha
50. (D) All of the above
51. (B) She stammered & spoke slowly
52. (A) 7
53. (B) youngest
54. (A) Bholi’s father
55. (A) Good looking & healthy
56. (B) She was neither good looking nor intelligent
57. (A) The opening of a primary school
58. (A) The Tehsildar
59. (B) To send all his daughters to study
60. (B) No
61. (B) To come to school every day
62. (A) That she could speak the word ‘YES’
63. (D) All of the above
64. (A) Yes
65. (B) Yes
66. (A) Bhishamber
67. (D) All of the above
68. (B) 5,000 rupees
69. (A) Yes
70. (D) All of the above