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By | September 9, 2023
Bholi Question Answer Class 10th

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Theme of Bholi Class 10

Bholi is the story of a village girl who was discriminated as she had pock-marks on her face, stammered and was considered to be a simpleton. Bholi suffered an attack of smallpox when she was just two years old. She damaged a part of her brain when she fell off from the cot. Education transformed ‘a dumb cow’ into a fearless and courageous girl. First, she agreed to many an unequal match, Bishamber, just to maintain the honour of the family. Her father, Ramlal, put even his turban at the feet of the greedy bridegroom. He accepted to many a girl with pock-marks only after getting 5000 rupees as dowry. Bholi showed the courage of throwing away the ceremonial garland into the fire. She refused to have a mean, greedy and contemptible coward like Bishamber Nath as her husband.

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