Bholi Class 10 Extract Based Questions

By | September 9, 2023
Bholi Class 10 Extract Based Questions

Bholi Class 10 Extract Based Questions has been written by the experts keeping in mind the exam score.  Go through and gain confidence. We at edumantra highly appreciate your feedback regarding The Bholi Class 10 Word Meaning.

Bholi Class 10 Extract Based Questions

 Read the extracts given below carefully and answer the questions that follow:

1. Ramlal was overjoyed to see such pomp and splendour. He had never dreamt that his fourth daughter would have such a grand wedding. Bholi’s elder sisters who had come for the occasion were envious of her luck.

 (a) Whose marriage is referred to here?

(b) What had Ramlal never expected?

 (c) Why were Bholi’s elder sisters envious of her luck?

 (d) How was the marriage procession of Bholi?

 Ans. (a) Bholi’s marriage is referred to here.

(b) Ramlal had never expected such pomp, splendour and a grand wedding.

 (c) Her elder sisters were envious of her grand wedding.

(d) The marriage procession came with great pomp and show. Everyone expected marriage to be grand.

2. Bishamber raised the garland to place it around the bride’s neck; but before he could do so, Bholi’s hand struck out like a streak of lightning and the garland was flung into the fire. She got up and threw away the veil.

(a) What did Bholi do?

 (b) Why did she do it?

(c) Why did Bholi at first agree to an unequal match?

 (d) Later, she rejected the marriage. What does this tell us about her?

Ans. (a) Bholi suddenly stood up and threw away the garland into the fire.

 (b) Because she did not agree to the condition of Bishamber of five thousand rupees.

(c) This was because; she never wanted to add to the worries of her parents by her refusal.

(d) Her behaviours reflected that she was no longer a timid, tame, dumb-driven cow but a bold, confident and self-respecting girl.

3. “What’s the matter with you, you fool?” shouted Ramlal. “I am only taking you to school.” Then he told his wife, “Let her wear some decent clothes today, or else what will the teacher and the other school girls think of us when they see her?”

 (a) Who is speaking and to whom?

 (b) What did he want his wife to do?

 (c) Why was Bholi scared to go to school?

 (d) What made her feel that she was going to a better place than her home?

 Ans. (a) Ramlal is speaking to Bholi.

 (1)) He wanted his wife to get Bholi ready for the school.

 (c) Bholi did not know what a school was like. Actually, she had no idea of a school.

 (d) When, she was given a bath, decent clothes to wear, her hair was oiled and combed, she thought so.

4.”When the school bell rang, all the girls scurried out of the classroom, but Bholi dared not leave her corner. Her head still lowered, she kept on sobbing.”

 (a) Why didn’t Bholi dare to come out of her classroom?

(b) How many children did Ramlal have?

 (c) Why was Bholi sobbing?

 (d) Why do you think she finds her teacher different from the people at home?

 Ans. (a) Bholi did not dare to come out of her classroom because it was her first day in school. Also, she had a complex that other girls would laugh at her for stammering.

(b) Seven.

(c) She had an inferiority complex as other girls were laughing at her for stammering.

 (d) The soft, sweet, soothing voice, sympathetic and encouraging behaviour of her teacher made him much different from the people heat home.

5. That was why she remained a backward child and came to he was known as Bholi, the simpleton.

 (a) Who is being described here?

 (b) Why did she remain a ‘backward’ child?

 (c) Who was Bholi?

 (d) What was the real name of Bholi?

 Ans. (a)  Selecta or Bholi.

(b) When she was ten months old, she had fallen off the cot on her head, which had perhaps damaged some part of her brain.

 (c) Bholi was the fourth daughter of Numberdar Ramlal.

(d) Selecta.

6. Left alone, the poor girl looked about her with fear-laden There were several rooms, and in each room girls like her squatted on mats, reading from books or writing on slates.

(a) Which place is described here?

 (b) Who is the ‘poor girl’?

 (c) Why does the girl look around with fear-laden eyes?

(d) What was Bholi’s reaction when her father asked her to come with him to school?

 Ans. (a) The school to which Bholi is taken to by her father is described here.

 (b) Selecta i.e., Bholi is the `poor girl’.

(c) She looked so because it was the first time she was being taken to a place away from home.

 (d) She was afraid. She had no idea of a school.

7. For the sake of this kind woman, however, she decided to make an effort. She had such a soothing voice; she would not laugh at her.

(a) Who was the kind woman?

 (b) What idea do you form about this woman?

 (c) Was her approach effective?

(d) Why do you think Bholi’s teacher played an important role in changing her life?

Ans. (a) The teacher of Bholi.

 (b) The teacher spoke in a soft voice knowing that Bholi was in fear. She wanted to give confidence to stammering Bholi.

(c) Yes, it proved to be very effective for Bholi.

(d) Bholi’s teacher made her confident, daring and self-respecting person who had the courage to refuse to marry a lame and greedy old man.

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