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By | September 9, 2023
Bholi Class 10 Character Sketch

Go through Bholi Class 10 Character Sketch and be confident for your English Exams. Go through and gain confidence and touch heights of success.  We hope you are enjoying the Class 10 English Bholi NCERT Solutions.

Bholi Class 10 Character Sketch

Character Sketch of Bholi

  • Thought to be a simpleton
  • Had pock-marks over the body
  • Went to school; teacher encouraged her
  • Refused to many a greedy and mean person
  • Decided to serve old parents and teach in the same school.

Character Sketch of Ramlal

  • Father of seven children
  • Worried about Bholi, neither good looking nor intelligent
  • Overlooked Bishamber’s age and limping
  • Suffered from a false sense of honour

Character Sketch of Bholi Teacher

  • Kind and sympathetic
  • Encouraged Bholi to speak
  • Increased Bholi’s interest in books
  • Agreed to accept Bholi as a teacher in the same school.

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