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By | September 20, 2023
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In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from Bholi. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying Bholi Word Meanings from Footprints without Feet Class 10.”

Hard Words : Bholi [PAGE 54] :

Expectations = hopes, anticipations (आशाएँ), Simpleton = naive person, not very clever (भोली/सादी), Numberdar = village accountant, revenue officer (नंबरदार), Fallen off = dropped (गिर जाना), Cot = bed (चारपाई), Damaged = injured (क्षतिग्रस्त), Brain = thought organ, mind (मस्तिष्क/दिमाग),

Remained = continue (रहना), Backward = retarded, slow learner (पिछड़ा हुआ), Pretty = beautiful, attractive (सुंदर), Attack = assault (आक्रमण), Small-pox = infectious disease, pustule-causer (चेचक का रोग),

Entire = complete, whole (समूचा/सम्पूर्ण), Permanently = forever (स्थाई रूप से), Disfigured = made ugly (कुरूप बना दिया), Pock-marks = skin scars, blemishes (चेचक के निशान), Stammered = stuttered, spoke with halts (हकलाकर बोलना), Mimicked = imitated, aped (नकल करना),

Youngest = smallest in age (सबसे छोटी), Prosperous = wealthy, thriving (संपन्न), Plenty = a lot, very much (बहुत अधिक), Except = leaving aside (सिवाय), Strong = powerful (शक्तिशाली), Settled = fixed (तय हो जाना),

Also Read:

Bridegrooms = grooms, soon-to-be-husbands (दूल्हा), Worried = anxious (चिंतित), Intelligence = brilliance, intellect (प्रतिभा), Fair = light-skinned, pretty (गोरा), Neglected = overlooked, disregarded (अवहेलित), Childhood = early years, youth (बाल्यकाल),

Healthy = robust, fit (स्वस्थ), City = urban area, metropolis (शहर), Colleges = higher education institutions, universities (महाविद्यालय), Good-looking = attractive, handsome/beautiful (अच्छा दिखने वाला), Special interest = extra attention, focused concern (विशेष रूचि)

Bholi Difficult Words in English[PAGE 55]:

Primary school = Basic education institute (प्राथमिक विद्यालय), Tehsildar = Revenue officer (तहसीलदार), Revenue official = Tax collector, government agent (राजस्व अधिकारी), Representative = Spokesperson, delegate (प्रतिनिधि), Set an example = Lead by action, model behavior (उदाहरण स्थापित करना), Consulted = Seek advice, discuss (सलाह ली),

Crazy = Insane, not logical (पागल), Disobey = Go against orders (आदेश की अवहेलना करना), Ugly face = Not pleasing appearance (असुंदर चेहरा), Lack of sense = Not smart, naive (अकल की कमी), Frightened = Scared, fearful (डरा हुआ)

Bholi Class 10 Good Word Meaning [PAGE 56] :

Terror: Extreme fear or fright (भय), Grip: Firm hold, grasp (पकड़), Decent: Appropriate, proper (उचित), Teachers: Educators, instructors (शिक्षक), Schoolgirls: Female students (छात्राएँ), Passed on: Handed down, given from one person to another (दिया गया), Mend: Repair, fix (मरम्मत करना), Shrunk: Reduced in size (सिकुड़ जाना), Bathed: Washed the body (नहाया गया),

Rubbed into: Applied forcefully (रगड़ कर लगाया गया), Matted: Tangled and clumped together (गंदगोल), Squatted: Sat in a crouched or low position (बैठी रही), Slates: Flat, thin pieces of slate stone used for writing (कलमी), Headmistress: Female principal or head teacher (मुख्याध्यापिका), Corner: A secluded or less noticeable place (कोना

Bholi Chapter Class 10 English Difficult Words [PAGE 57] :

Glad: Pleased, happy (खुश), Present: Existing, in attendance (मौजूद), Hoped: Wished, desired (आशा थी), Friend: A person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection (दोस्त), Teacher: An educator, instructor (शिक्षक), Understand: Comprehend, grasp the meaning of (समझना),

Pictures: Images, visual representations (तस्वीरें), Colours: Hues, shades (रंग), Fascinated: Captivated, deeply interested (मोहित), Tehsildar: An administrative officer in charge of revenue collection (तहसीलदार),

Neighbour: Person living nearby (पड़ोसी), Parrots: Colorful birds known for their ability to mimic speech (तोते), Orchard: A piece of land planted with fruit trees (बगीचा), Teacher’s: Belonging to the teacher (शिक्षिका की), Stammer: Speak with involuntary pauses or repetitions (हकलाना),

Cry: Shed tears, weep (रोना), Helpless: Unable to help oneself, vulnerable (बेबस), Flood: A large amount or overwhelming surge (बाढ़), Corner: A secluded or less noticeable place (कोना), Daring: Brave, courageous (साहसी),

Scurried: Moved quickly with short, hurried steps (जल्दी जल्दी चलना), Sobbing: Crying with deep, audible breaths (रोना), Soft: Gentle, not loud (मृदु), Soothing: Calming, comforting (प्रशमनकर),

Friendly: Kind, amicable (मित्रता से), Suggestion: An idea or proposal offered for consideration (सुझाव), Sweat: Moisture exuded from the body when hot (पसीना), Broke out: Erupted suddenly (बह निकला), Stammering: Speaking with involuntary pauses or repetitions (हकलाना), Effort: Attempt, endeavor (प्रयास), Relieved: Freed from worry or stress (राहत मिली),

Achievement: Accomplishment, successful completion (प्राप्ति), Affectionately: Tenderly, with care and warmth (प्यार से), Fear: An unpleasant emotion caused by the anticipation of danger (डर), Heart: The organ that pumps blood (दिल), Speak: Express thoughts or ideas verbally (बोलना)

Bholi Class 10 Word Meaning in English [PAGE 58] :

Easy: Simple, not difficult (आसान), Every day: Daily, each day (रोज), Come: Arrive, go to (आना), Nodded: Moved head up and down to signal agreement (सिर हिलाना), Aloud: In a loud voice (बड़े आवाज़ में), Astonished: Surprised, amazed (आश्चर्यचकित), Able to: Capable of (क्षमता होना), Pictures: Images, visual representations (तस्वीरें), Color: Hue, shade (रंग), Read: Understand the meaning of written words (पढ़ना), Bigger: Larger in size (बड़ा), Learned: Knowledgeable, educated (ज्ञानवान),

Village: Small rural settlement (गाँव), Respect: Admiration, esteem (इज्जत), Slightest: Smallest, minimal (सबसे कम), Stammer: Speak with involuntary pauses or repetitions (हकलाना), Understand: Comprehend, grasp the meaning of (समझना),

Temple: Place of worship (मंदिर), Blossomed: Opened up, flowered (खिला), Throbbing: Beating rapidly, pulsating (धड़कन), Years passed: Time went by (साल बीते),

Small town: A settlement larger than a village but smaller than a city (छोटे शहर), Cinema: Movie theater (सिनेमा), Tin shed: Structure made of metal sheets (खाँचे की छत), Cotton ginning mill: Facility where cotton fibers are separated from seeds (कपास धान मिल), Mail train: Train carrying mail (डाक ट्रेन),

Railway station: Place where trains stop for passengers (रेलवे स्थल), Night: Period of darkness between sunset and sunrise (रात), Dinner: Evening meal (रात का खाना), Proposal: Offer or suggestion (प्रस्ताव), Certainly: Definitely, without doubt (निश्चित रूप से),

Bridegroom: Groom, man getting married (दूल्हा), Well-to-do: Prosperous, affluent (समृद्ध), Shop: Store where goods are sold (दुकान),

House: Dwelling place, residence (घर), Bank: Financial institution (बैंक), Moreover: Additionally, furthermore (इसके अतिरिक्त), Asking for: Requesting, demanding (मांग करना), Young: Not old, in early life (युवा), Know: Be aware of, have information about (जानना),

Limps: Walks with difficulty due to an injury or disability (लिम्प्स), Children: Offspring, young people (बच्चे), Grown up: Matured, reached adulthood (बड़े हो गए)

Class 10 English Chapter 9 Bholi English to English Word Meaning [PAGE 59] :

Matter: Be of importance, significance (मायने रखना), Forty-five: The number 45 (पंचास), Fifty: The number 50 (पचास), Age: Period of life (आयु), Man: Adult male (पुरुष), Lucky: Fortunate, having good luck (भाग्यशाली), Another: Different, not the same (दूसरा),

Pock-marks: Scars or marks on the skin (दाग-धब्बे), Lack: Absence, not having (अभाव), Sense: Understanding, intelligence (समझ),

Proposal: Offer or suggestion (प्रस्ताव), Remain: Stay, continue (रहना), Unmarried: Not married, single (अविवाहित), Witless: Lacking intelligence or common sense (बुद्धिहीन), Dumb: Unable to speak (गूंगा), Cow: Female bovine animal (गाय), Muttered: Spoke in a low voice (शांत आवाज़ में बोलना), Courtyard: Open area within a building (आंगन), Whispered: Spoke in a hushed or quiet voice (फुसफुसाना),

Well-to-do: Prosperous, affluent (समृद्ध), Grocer: A person who sells food and other items (किरानेवाला), Party: Group of people gathered for an event (दल), Wedding: Marriage ceremony (शादी), Brass-band: Musical group playing brass instruments (ताशदल),

Popular: Well-liked, widely known (लोकप्रिय), Tune: Musical melody (संगीत), Film: Movie (फ़िल्म), Headed: Led, went in front (मुख्य), Procession: Parade, organized group moving together (जुलूस),

Riding: Sitting on and controlling (सवारी), Decorated: Adorned, embellished (सजावटी), Overjoyed: Extremely happy (अत्यधिक खुश), Pomp: Grand display, splendor (शान),

Splendour: Magnificence, brilliance (महत्व), Dreamt: Past tense of “dream,” imagined while sleeping (सपने में देखना), Grand: Impressive, magnificent (महान), Auspicious: Favorable, fortunate (मङ्गलमय),

Moment: Brief period of time (लम्हा), Priest: Religious leader or figure (पुजारी), Sacred: Holy, revered (पवित्र), Clad: Dressed, wearing (पहनी हुई), Bridal: Relating to a bride or a wedding (दुल्हन), Marigolds: Bright yellow flowers (गेंदे के फूल), Woman: Adult female (स्त्री), Veil: Thin piece of fabric covering the face (घूंघट), Quick: Fast, speedy (त्वरित),

Glance: A quick look (झलक), Remained: Stayed, continued to be (बना रहा), Poised: Balanced, ready (तैयार), Pulled down: Lowered (नीचे उतारा), Ruin: Damage or spoil (नष्ट करना), Seen: Past participle of “see,” observed (देखा), Facial scars: Marks or blemishes on the face (चेहरे पर दाग-धब्बे),

Limp: Walk with difficulty due to injury (लिम्प), Moreover: Furthermore, in addition (और भी), Young: In an early stage of life (युवा), Either: One or the other (या तो), Maybe: Perhaps, possibly (शायद), Marriage: Union of two people in a legally recognized relationship (विवाह), Father: Male parent (पिता), Must: Necessary, required (चाहिए),

Give: Provide, hand over (देना), Rupees: Currency used in India (रुपये), Turban: Traditional headwear (पगड़ी), Honour: Respect, dignity (इज्जत), Humiliate: Embarrass, degrade (अपमानित करना), Considerate: Thoughtful, understanding (सवाल समझने वाला),

Please: Kindly, with politeness (कृपया), Show: Display, present (दिखाना), Face: Front part of the head (चेहरा), Out: Expose, reveal (बाहर),

Tears: Drops of water from the eyes (आंसू), Streaming: Flowing continuously (बहते हुए), Safe: A secure container for valuable items (तिजोरी), Counted: Enumerated, calculated (गिना), Notes: Paper money (नोट), Placed: Put, positioned (रखा), Bundle: Group of things tied together (गठरी), Bridegroom’s: Belonging to the groom (दूल्हे का)

Class 10 English Chapter Bholi Word Meaning English [PAGE 60] :

Greedy: Having an excessive desire for something, especially wealth or possessions (लालची), Triumphant: Feeling of victory and success (विजयी), Smile: Expression of happiness or amusement (मुस्कान), Gambled: Took a risky action in hopes of gaining an advantage (जुआ खेलना),

Won: Achieved victory or success (जीतना), Garland: A wreath of flowers or leaves worn around the neck (हार), Announced: Declared, made known (घोषणा की), Veil: Thin piece of fabric covering the face (घूंघट),

Eyes: Organs of vision (आंखें), Downcast: Directed downward, sad (नीचे की ओर), Looking up: Gazing upward (उपर की ओर देख रही थी), Prospective: Potential, likely to happen (संभावित), Husband: Married man (पति), Anger: Strong feeling of displeasure or annoyance (क्रोध),

Hate: Intense feeling of dislike or aversion (नफरत), Cold: Lacking warmth or emotion (शीतल), Contempt: Strong feeling of disrespect or scorn (तिरस्कार), Raised: Lifted, elevated (उठाया), Neck: Part of the body connecting the head to the torso (गरदन),

Streak: Thin line or stripe (लकीर), Lightning: Bright and sudden flash of light during a storm (बिजली), Flung: Thrown forcefully (फेंक दिया), Fire: Burning flames (आग), Threw away: Discarded, got rid of (फेंक दिया), Clear: Easy to understand or perceive (स्पष्ट),

Loud: Audible, easily heard (ऊँचा), Voice: Sound produced from the mouth (आवाज़), Stammer: Speak with involuntary pauses or repetitions (हकलाना), Take back: Retrieve, reclaim (लौटाना), Money: Currency or wealth (पैसे), Marriage: Union of two people in a legally recognized relationship (विवाह), Man: Adult male (आदमी)