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In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from The Book that Saved the Earth. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying The Book that Saved the Earth Word Meanings from Footprints without Feet Class 10.”

Hard Words : The Book that Saved the Earth [PAGE 63]: 

Century = a period of 100 years (शताब्दी)  , Museum = a place where ancient things are kept (संग्रहालय)  , Planet = an astronomical body (ग्रह)  , Projector = a device that projects (प्रोजैक्टर)  , Easel = wooden stands to support a picture (तस्वीर आदि बनाने का स्टैंड)  , Bows = kneels (झुकना)  , Curiosities = things of curiosity (अजीब वस्तुएँ)  , Era = period (युग)  , Anteaters = an animal (एक जानवर)  ,

Zulus = An African Tribe (एक अफ़्रीकी कबीला)  , Illustrated = explained with pictures (तस्वीरों से समझाना)  , Decorated = made beautiful (सजाना)  , Twenty-fifth century = A period of time, 2401-2500 AD (पाचवीं सदी)  , Ancient History = Study of the distant past, especially before the invention of writing (प्राचीन इतिहास)  , Spotlight = A strong beam of light that illuminates a particular area (स्पॉटलाइट)  ,

Historian = A person who studies or writes about history (इतिहासकार), Book = A written or printed work consisting of pages (पुस्तक)  , Punctuated = Interspersed or interrupted at intervals (विराम चिह्न सहित)  , Educated = Gave intellectual, moral, and social instruction to someone (शिक्षित किया)  

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The Book that Saved the Earth Difficult Words in English [PAGE 64] : 

Strangest = most odd; very unusual (सबसे अजीब)  , Martian = from Mars; extraterrestrial (मंगल ग्रह संबंधी)  , Invasion = attack; takeover (आक्रमण)  , Encyclopedia = reference book; knowledge compendium (विश्वकोश)  , Tome = large book; volume (मोटी किताब)  , Rockets = space vehicle; missile (रॉकेट)  , Missiles = projectile; weapon (प्रक्षेपास्त्र)  , Historiscope = history viewer; past display (इतिहास देखने का यंत्र)  , Robe = gown; cloak (चोगा)  , Switchboard = panel; control desk (स्विचबोर्ड)  ,

Commander-in-chief = top leader; main commander (सर्वोच्च कमांडर)  , Peevishly = irritably; with annoyance (चिड़चिड़ाहट से)  , Salutation = greeting; acknowledgment (अभिवादन)  , Singsong = chant; rhythmic (गीतमय)  , Rulership = authority; governance (शासन)  , Insignificant = minor; trivial (तुच्छ)  , Consult = ask; seek advice (परामर्श करना)  , Folded = bent; clasped (हाथ जोड़ना)  , Elaborate = detailed; intricate (विस्तृत)  , Mighty = strong; powerful (शक्तिशाली)  , Communication = interaction; conversation (संचार संपर्क)  ,

Manned = operated by humans; staffed (व्यक्ति द्वारा नियंत्रित)  , Probe = exploration; investigation (योजना)  , Ridiculous = laughable; absurd (हास्यास्पद)  , Generous = kind; giving (दयालु)  

Good Word Meaning of the Lesson The Book that Saved the Earth [PAGE 65] : 

Fantastically = extremely; in a strange way (अजीब ढंग से)  , Intellectually = mentally; with intellect (बुद्दिमत्ता से)  , Gifted = talented; having natural ability (प्रतिभाशाली)  , Offstage = not visible; behind the scenes (मंच के बाहर)  , Admires = appreciates; respects (प्रशंसा करना)  , Handsome = good-looking; pleasant appearance (सुंदर)  , Pause = break; temporary stop (रुकना)  ,

Smacking = hitting; slapping (थप्पड़ मारना)  , Ugly = unattractive; not pretty (भद्दा)  , Earthlings = Earth residents; humans (धरती के लोग)  , Balloon brain = large brain; very intelligent (बड़ा मस्तिष्क)  , Primitive = ancient; early stage (प्राचीन)  , Riffling = skimming pages; flipping through quickly (पुस्तक के पन्ने पलटना)  , Crew = team; group of workers (कर्मी दल)  , Enormous = huge; very big (बहुत बड़ा)  , Goggles = protective glasses; eyewear (धूप का चश्मा)  , Structure = building; construction (ढाँचा)  ,

Electronic = related to devices; involving electricity (विद्युतीय)  , Buzzes = humming sound; vibrating noise (गुंजाइश)  , Beeps = alert noise; short sound (बीप ध्वनि)  , Centerville Public Library = specific library; book repository (सेंटरविल सार्वजनिक पुस्तकालय)  , Catalogue = item list; record directory (सूची)  , Confused = unclear; puzzled (भ्रांत)  , Lieutenant = military rank; officer position (लेफ्टिनेंट)  , Knobs = rounded handle; control point (गोल बटन)  , Sighting = spotting; observing (देखना)  

English Difficult Words of the Chapter The Book that Saved the Earth [PAGE 66] : 

Microphone = sound amplifying device; voice transmitter (माइक्रोफोन), Probe = investigation; exploration tool (अन्वेषण), Location = place; position (स्थान), Disk = flat circular object; round item (डिस्क), Chain = series of metal links; necklace (जंजीर), Incident = event; happening (घटना), Shelter = protection; safe place (आश्रय), Indicates = points to; shows (दिखाना), Peculiar = odd; strange (अजीब),

Figure it out = understand; solve (हिसाब लगाना), Storage barn = warehouse; storehouse (भंडारण गोदाम), Clue = hint; indicator (संकेत), Galaxies = star systems; milky way (आकाशगंगा), Haberdashery = men’s accessories shop; cloth shop (कपड़े की दुकान), Bowing = bending in respect; stooping down (झुकना), Benefit = gain; advantage (लाभ)

Word Meaning of The Book that Saved the Earth [PAGE 67] : 

Elementary = basic; simple (मौलिक), Undoubtedly = surely; without doubt (निश्चित रूप से), Crude = unrefined; raw (कच्चा), Refreshment stand = place for snacks; snack bar (नाश्ता की दुकान), Diet = food habit; nutritional intake (आहार), Staple = main part; primary item (मुख्य भाग),

Filling = inside part; content (भराव), Squints = looks closely; narrows eyes (आंखें झिमकाना), Gulping = swallowing; taking a big bite (घूंट लेना), Opinion = belief; viewpoint (राय), Confirm = verify; establish truth (पुष्टि करना), Order = command; direct (आज्ञा), Doubt = uncertainty; question (संदेह)

The Book that Saved the earth Class 10 Word Meaning in English [PAGE 68] : 

Breakfast = morning meal; first meal of the day (सुबह का भोजन), Dubiously = with doubt; hesitatingly (संदिग्धता से), Impolite = rude; not courteous (अशिष्ट), Immediately = at once; right away (तुरंत), Saluting = greeting with respect; raising hand as a sign of respect (सलामी देना), Pantomimes = silent acting; acts without words (मूक अभिनय), Breathlessly = without breath; eagerly (सांस रोककर),

Chewing = grinding with teeth; masticating (चबाना), Terrible = very bad; horrible (भयानक), Pound = pat forcefully; strike hard (जोर से थपथपाना), Delicious = very tasty; delightful (स्वादिष्ट), Dry = lacking moisture; not wet (सूखा), Martian = related to Mars; extraterrestrial from Mars (मंगलीय), Trifling bit = a little amount; small piece (बहुत-कम), Haughtily = in a proud manner; arrogantly (गर्व से),

Communication = transmission of information; exchanging messages (संचार), Surveyor = observer; one who inspects (पर्यावलोकन), Insignificant = minor; not important (तुच्छ), Data = information; facts (डेटा), Pardon = forgiveness; excuse (क्षमा), Glory = brilliance; grandeur (शान)

The Book that Saved the Earth Word Meaning English  [PAGE 69] : 

Marbles = small glass balls; bits of stone (कांच की गोलियाँ), Bow = bend in respect; lower one’s body (झुकना), Intently = with focus; keenly (तीव्रता से), Whispering = speaking softly; speaking low (कानाफूसी करना), Fright = sudden fear; shock (भय), Frequency = rate of occurrence; radio wave (रेडियो तरंग), Sharper = more acute; more sensitive (तीक्ष्ण),

Brilliance = great brightness; intelligence (प्रकाशमानता), Twirling = spinning around; moving (हिलना), Clarify = make clear; explain (स्पष्ट करना), Peers = gazes; looks (देखना), Volume = book; bound printed material (पुस्तक), Mother Goose = nursery rhymes collection; traditional rhymes (बाल गीत)

The Book that Saved the Earth Difficult Word Meaning English[PAGE 70] : 

Pictures = images; visual representations (चित्र), Code = system of symbols; secret language (संकेत भाषा), Squiggles = writes illegibly; short, irregular marks (अस्पष्ट लिखना), Primitive = ancient; basic or simple (आदिम), Vitamins = essential nutrients; organic compounds (विटामिन),

Intelligence = ability to learn; mental capacity (बुद्धि), Unfold = reveal; open up (खुला), Chemical department = group specializing in chemicals (रासायनिक विभाग), Magnificent = beautiful; grand (सुन्दर), Brilliance = brightness; shining quality (चमक), Swallow = consume; ingest (निगलना), Stiffly = rigidly; tightly (जोर से/कसकर)

The Book that Saved the Earth Word Meaning English to Hindi [PAGE 71] : 

Pop = make a quick sound; insert suddenly (डालना), Gulp = swallow quickly; drink rapidly (जल्दी से निगलना), Excellent = outstanding; of high quality (उत्तम), Decipher = decode; make out the meaning (समझना), Frown = express displeasure; scowl (क्रोध करना), Brightly = with cheer; in a lively manner (प्रसन्न होना), Transcribe = write down; convert into written form (लिख डालना),

Contrary = opposite in nature; going against (विपरीत), Cockle = type of shell; small marine bivalve (घोंघा), Row = sequence; arrangement in a line (पंक्ति), Alarmed = worried; filled with anxiety (भयभीत), Levity = humor; light-heartedness (मजाक), Rare = not often found; scarce (दुर्लभ), Explosives = materials that blast; bursting substances (विस्फोटक), Gravely = in a serious manner; without humor (गंभीरता से), Fiddle = musical instrument; violin (वायलिन)

The Book that Saved the Earth Word Meaning Vocabulary [PAGE 72] : 

Desist = cease; refrain from (रुकना), Civilisation = culture; advancement in society (सभ्यता), Domesticated = tamed for household use; belonging to family life (परिवार/घर सम्बन्धी), Techniques = methods; ways of doing something (तकनीकें), Interplanetary = relating to space between planets; between the planets (ग्रहों के बीच), Launching = starting; initiating (आरंभ करना)\,

Notify = alert; announce (घोषणा करना), Invasion = attack; act of invading (आक्रमण), Capsule = small container; spaceship (अंतरिक्षयान), Evacuate = vacate; clear off (खाली करना), Traces = marks; signs (चिह्न), Shelves = flat surfaces for storage; storage platforms (अलमारियों के ढांचे), Historian = expert in history; one who records past events (इतिहासकार), Screaming = yelling; crying (चिल्लाना), Alpha Centauri = a star system; closest to our solar system (आल्फा सेंटौरी)

The Book that Saved the Earth Class 10 Word Meaning with Hindi [PAGE 73]: 

Chuckling = laughing softly; showing amusement (हंसी), Nursery rhymes = children’s songs or poems (बाल कविता), Martian = relating to Mars; its inhabitants (मंगल ग्रह वासी), Invasion = act of entering forcibly (आक्रमण), Century = period of 100 years (शताब्दी), Resumed = began again; restarted (फिर से आरंभ किया), Friendly = amiable; kind-hearted (मित्रवत), Replaced = took the place of (प्रतिस्थापित),

Clever = intelligent; smart (चतुर), Wise = having knowledge; experienced (बुद्धिमान), Wonderful = marvelous; impressive (आश्चर्यजनक), Sandwiches = food made of two slices of bread with a filling (सैंडविच), Established = set up; founded (स्थापित), Model library = ideal or exemplary library (आदर्श पुस्तकालय), Capital city = chief city; main city of a country or region (राजधानी), Marsopolis = a fictional Martian city (मार्सोपोलिस), Expect = anticipate; foresee (आशा करना), Mother Goose = famous collection of nursery rhymes (मदर गूस)

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