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The Book That Saved The Earth MCQ

1. In which year was the Martian invasion on the earth planned?

(A) 2030                                              (B) 2040

(C) 2050                                              (D) 2060

Ans. (B) 2040

2. With what name is the twentieth century called?

(A) The era of the Book                 (B) Era of the Science

(C) Era of the Mars                         (D) Era of the Invasion

Ans. (A) The era of the Book

3.  The story ‘The Book That Saved the Earth’ is set in:

(A) twentieth century                   (B) twenty-first century

(C) twenty-fourth century           (D) twenty-fifth century

Ans. (D) the twenty-fifth century

4. Who tried to invade the earth in the twenty-first century?

(A) Martians                                     (B) Earthlings

(C) Anteaters                                    (D) Zulus 

Ans. (A) Martians

5. Who was the ‘Commander-in-Chief’ of the Mars Space Control?

(A) Omega                                         (B) Iota

(C) Think-Tank                                (D) Noodle

Ans. (C) Think-Tank

6. Who was the deputy of Think-Tank?

(A) Omega                                         (B) Iota

(C) Noodle                                         (D) Oop

Ans. (C) Noodle

7. How many moons does Mars have?

(A) one                                               (B) two

(C) three                                            (D) four

 Ans. (B) two

8. Which book saved the earth from invasion?

(A) a book of science                     

(B) a world encyclopedia

(C) a book of military techniques          

(D) a book of nursery rhymes

Ans. (D) a book of nursery rhymes

9. Who included the crew of the Martian Space Craft?

(A) Omega                                         (B) Iota

(C) Oop                                               (D) all of the above

Ans. (D) all of the above

10. Who was the captain of the spacecraft crew?

(A) Think-Tank                               (B) Omega

(C) Iota                                               (D) Oop

Ans. (B) Omega

11. Who was the lieutenant of the spacecraft crew?

(A) Think-Tank                               (B) Omega

 (C) Iota                                              (D) Oop

Ans. (C) Iota

12. What was the name of the sergeant spacecraft crew?

(A) Think-Tank                               (B) Iota

(C) Oop                                               (D) Noodle

Ans. (C) Oop

13. What do the crew members find on the earth?

(A) books stones                              (B) Stones

(C) sandwiches                                (D) all of the above

14. Who was Great and Mighty?

(A) Think-Tank                               (B) Noodle

(C) Oop                                               (D) Omega

Ans. (A) Think-Tank

15. At the end who is replaced for Think-Tank?

(A) Omega                                        (B) Noodle

(C) Oop                                              (D) Iota           

Ans. (B) Noodle

16. What does Think-Tank consider the books?

(A) sandwiches                              (B) ear communication devices

(C) eye communication devices (D) all of the above

Ans. (D) all of the above

17. According to the historian in the play, which century is named the ‘Era of the Book’?

(A) twentieth century                   (B) twenty-first century

(C) twenty-third century             (D) twenty-fifth century

Ans. (A) twentieth century

18. Who was the ruler of Mars?

(A) Omega                                        (B) Iota

(C) Think-Tank                               (D) Oop

Ans. (C) Think-Tank

19. Finally, who decides not to invade the earth?

(A) Omega                                        (B) Think-Tank

(C) Noodle                                        (D) all of the above

Ans. (B) Think-Tank

20. Who is the writer of the lesson ‘The Book That Saved the Earth’?

(A) Victor Canning                        (B) Claire Boiko

(C) K.A. Abbas                                 (D) H.O. Wells

Ans. (B) Claire Boiko

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