The Book That Saved The Earth Short Summary

By | September 9, 2023
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The Book that Saved the Earth Short Summary

1.The story is set in the twentieth century, five centuries ago.
2.Historiscope takes us back to 2040.
3.Great Mighty Think-Tank is the Commander-in-Chief and the ruler of Mars.
4.Apprentice Noodle, Captain Omega, Lieutenant Iota and Sergeant Oop are with him in Mars Central Control.
5.Think-Tank calls Martians a handsome race and they are more attractive than the ugly Earthlings.
6.Think-Tank wants to invade that ‘primitive ball of mud’ known as Earth before lunch.
7.All are examining books but can’t identify them. Oop makes a guess that those things (books) are hats.
8.Think-Tank closely examines those books. He holds one of them in his hand.
9.Think-Tank calls it (a book) a sandwich. Sandwiches are the main staple diet of the Earthlings.
10.To confirm his opinion, Think-Tank orders Captain Omega to eat an item (a book), a sandwich.
11.At last, Oop tastes it and finds it not delicious.
12.Noodle suggests that he has seen surveyor films of those sandwiches (books). The Earthlings don’t eat them but use them as a communication device.
13.Think-Tank agrees and orders Omega to listen to them.
14.When captain Omega fails to hear anything, Noodle makes another suggestion.
15.He discloses that the Earthlings don’t listen to the sandwiches (books) but open and watch them.
16.Then, Think-Tank declares that those sandwiches are not for ear communication. They are for eye-communication.
17.Omega picks a large volume ‘Mother Goose’ which contains pictures of Earthlings.
18.When no one is able to know the meanings of the lines, dots and pictures, Doodle suggests that space people should be given vitamins to improve their intelligence.
19.All of them swallow vitamins down their mouth.
20.Omega reads the rhyme of ‘Mistress Mary’ and Think-Tank interprets it in his own way.
21.Think-Tank declares that the ‘Mistress Mary’ rhyme tells that Earthlings have discovered how to combine agriculture and mining. They can grow crops of rare metals. They can grow high explosives too.
22.Then Iota reads out the rhyme of ‘Hey diddle!”
23.Think-Tank interprets the rhyme saying that the Earthlings have reached a high level of civilisation. Even dogs have a sense of humour. They may be launching an interplanetary invasion.
24.Think-Tank orders to notify the invasion fleet that there will be no invasion today.
25.Then the rhyme of ‘Humpty Dumpty had a great fall’ is read.
26.Think-Tank declares after looking at the pictures of Humpty-Dumpty that the Earthlings have seen him. The words ‘Had a great fall’ mean that they plan to capture Mars Central Control and him.
27.He asks Noodle to prepare a space capsule for him to escape.
28.He orders that Mars must be evacuated immediately. They will go to a new place a hundred million miles away from Mars-Alpha Centauri.
29.Historian tells how one dusty old book of nursery rhymes ‘Mother Goose’, saved the world from a Martians invasion.
30.Great and Mighty Think-Tank was replaced by the wise and wonderful man, Noodle.
31.The Earthlings taught the Martians the difference between sandwiches and books.

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