Active and Passive Voice Rules and Exercises (Advanced Examples)

By | March 15, 2019

If you are searching what is passive voice, active voice and passive voice examples, action verbs, active and passive voice rules you are at the right place. Here we have passive form, passive voice exercises and examples, passive sentences, active and passive voice exercises, active vs passive voice, passive to active. Let’s dive in for an insight-


 If a verb in the active voice has two objects, either of them can be retained in the passive.

Active Voice                                                   Passive Voice

1. Kulwant gave me a book.                            I was given a book by Kulwant.


                                                                         A book was given to me by Kulwant.

2. Father bought me a cycle.                          I was bought a cycle by father.


                                                                         A cycle was bought for me by father.


  In some sentences, there is a preposition after the verb. It will be kept with the verb while changing the sentences into passive.

Active Voice                                                       Passive Voice

1. He was looking at the picture.                        The picture was being looked at by him.\

2. He spoke to me.                                               I was spoken to by him.

3. He acted upon my advice.                              My advice was acted upon by him.


 When a verb has both an object and an object complement, only the object is made the subject. The object complement comes after the III form of the verb and before “by + subject”.

Active Voice                                                          Passive Voice

1. They elected him President.                              He was elected President by them.

2. The teacher made Mohan monitor.                 Mohan was made monitor by the teacher.


 (a) For changing the infinitive into passive, this form is used: to be + III form of the verb.

(b) For the sentences which begin with it is time to “, the form is: is time + for + object + to be + Ill form of the verb”.

   Active Voice                                               Passive Voice

1. You will have to do it.                                 It will have to be done by you.

2. I want to buy a car.                                     I want a car to be bought (by one

3. It is time to take a cup of tea.                    It is time for a cup of tea to be taken.

4. It is time to say prayers                             It is time for prayers to be said.

Use of ‘vague’ subject”

People/they say/believe assume” is changed into: It is believed/said/assumed, etc.

                               Active Voice                                     Passive Voice

1. People say that the earth is round.                             It is said that the earth is round.               


                                                                                            The earth is said to be round.

2. They believe Mohan is the best is the

 best doctor in the town.                                                   It is believed that Mohan doctor in the town.


                                                                                             Mohan is believed to be the best doctor in the town.


 Sometimes in passive sentences, the agent (subject) is not given as it is understood. In such a case, the agent has to be supplied by us.

 Passive Voice                                                         Active Voice

1. The thief has been caught.                                   The police have caught the thief.

2. The road was repaired.                                         The workmen repaired the road.

                                                  Use of prepositions other than “by”

Passive Voice                                                 Active Voice

1. His work satisfied me.                                  I was satisfied with his work.

2. My story interested him.                             He was interested in my story.

3. I know Jhanda Singh.                                  Jhanda Singh is known to me.

4. This pot contains milk.                                Milk is contained in this post.

5. That news surprised me.                             I was surprised at that news.


   Active Voice                                                        Passive Voice

1. Rose smells sweet.                                              Rose is sweet when smelled.

2. I heard him open the door.                                He was heard to open the door.

3. Sit down.                                                               Be seated.

4. Women like men to flatter them.                      Women like to be flattered by men.

5. He made me work.                                              I was made to work.

6. One must do one’s duty.                                     Duty must be done.

7. Your shoes need polishing.                                Your shoes need to be polished.

8. Prepare yourself for the examination.              Be prepared for the examination.

9. It is your duty to do this work.                          You are supposed to do this work.

10. I hope to win.                                                     It is hoped that I shall win.

11. Mohan decided to contest the election.         was decided to by Mohan contest the election.

12. He does not like people laughing at him.      He does not like being laughed at.

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