Active and Passive Voice Exercises No.5 & 6 (Miscellaneous)

By | March 15, 2019

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In the following questions, the sentences have been given in Active/Passive voice. From the given alternatives, choose the one which best expresses the given sentence in passive/Active voice.

1. It is time to buy a pen.

(A) It is time to a pen bought.

(B) It is time for buying a pen.

(C) It is time to a pen be buyed.

(D) It is time for a pen to be bought.

2. It car can be bought by me.

(A) I can buy a car.

(B) A car can buy me.

(C) A car is being bought me.

(D) I can car be bought.

3. The it song was sung by the girls.

 (A) The girls sing a song.

 (B) The girls sung a song.

 (C) The girls sang a song.

(D) The girls had been singing a song.

4. the story was told by Mohan.

(A) Mohan told a story.

(B) A story had been told by Mohan.

 (C) Mohan tells a story.

(D) Mohan was telling a story.

5. bananas are liked by Indu.

( A) Indu likes bananas.

 (B) Indu liked bananas.

 (C) Bananas like Indu.

 (D) Bananas liked Indu.

6. In essay has been written by you.

(A) You have been written an essay.

 (B) You have written an essay.

(C) An essay has written by you.

 (D) You are writing an essay.

7. Someone gave him a dog.

 (A) A dog is given to him by someone.

 (B) He was given a dog by someone.

 (C) A dog to him is given by someone.

 (D) Someone a dog gave him.

8. (A) A little mouse helped a lion at once.

(B) A little mouse is helped by a lion.

 (C) A little mouse helped a lion.

9. One should keep one’s promise.

 (A) The promise should be kept.

(B) One’s promise should be kept.

 (C) One’s promise should keep.

 (D)Ones should be promising kept.

10. Why is time wasted by you?

 (A) Why do you waste time?

 (B) Why are you wasting time?

 (C) Why do you waste time?

 (D) Why have you wasted time?


1.(D)             2. (A)

3. (C)            4. (A)

5. (A)            6. (B)

7. (B)            8. (C)

9. (A)            10. (A)

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 Change the following sentences into passive voice:

1.The officer gave him an award.

2. I will teach him a lesson.

3. Mr Sethi teaches us English.

4. He showed me his wife’s photograph.

5. She drank out of the glass.

6. The officer looked into the matter.

7. Someone is knocking at the door.

8. You should not laugh at the poor people.

9. The mother looks after her child.

10. A car ran over the old man.

11. The teacher gave a book to Mohan.

12. I found him a good companion.

13. His misfortunes left him crippled.

14. The disease made him weak.

15. The Government nominated him a member.


1. He was given an award by the officer.

2. He will be taught a lesson by me.

3. We are taught English by Mr Sethi.

4. 1 was shown his wife’s photograph by him.

5. The glass was drunk out of by her.

6. The matter was looked into by the officer.

7. The door is being knocked at by someone.

8. The poor people should not be laughed at by you.

9.  Her child is looked after by the mother.

10. The old man was run over by a car.

11. Mohan was given a book by the teacher.

12. He was found a good companion by me.

13. He was left crippled by his misfortunes.

14. He was made weak by disease.

15. He was nominated a member by the Government.

Download the above Exercise in PDF (Printable)

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