Active and Passive Voice Exercises No.20 (Modal Auxiliaries)

By | March 15, 2019

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Sentences with Modal Auxiliaries

Put the following sentences into passive voice:

1. You should finish this work.

2. I can lift this table.

3. He might help me in this matter.

4. The Principal will address the students.

5. You should take an umbrella.

6. We ought to respect the elders.

7. They could not cross the river.

8. You should take exercise daily.

9. You must not steal his pencil.

10. The doctor could not save the patient.


1. This work should be finished by you.

2. This table can be lifted by me.

3. I might be helped in this matter by him.

4. The students will be addressed by the Principal.

5. An umbrella should be taken by you.

6. The elders ought to be respected by us.

7. The river could not be crossed by them.

8. Exercise should be taken daily by you.

9. His pencil must not be stolen by you.

10. The patient could not be saved by the doctor.

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