Active and Passive Voice Exercises No.11 & 12 (Miscellaneous)

By | March 15, 2019

If you are searching what is passive voice, active voice and passive voice examples, action verbs, active and passive voice rules you are at the right place. Here we have passive form, passive voice exercises and examples, passive sentences, active and passive voice exercises, active vs passive voice, passive to active. Let’s dive in for an insight-


Change the Voice of the following sentences:

1. They were being paid.

2. Allison was sending him to a high school.

3. Sher Singh was plaiting the grass into a rope.

4. They were making large sums of money.

5. A face was being painted on it.

6. Rahim had ill-treated his wife.

7. The rain had destroyed the hut.

8. Mother had told him not to go up.

9. The grizzly had found Barb.

10. His parents had killed both.

11. The old man handed over it to Ali.

12. He had completely forgotten the dollar.

13. It had been dyed red.

14. I shall like them someday.

15. You will be treated nicely.

16. Malcolm will not answer his proposal.

17. I shall make my teaching interesting.

18. he will have smitten Johnsy.

19. A few others will have taken the sport.

20. He will have lifted his boot for the first step.

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Change the Voice of the following sentences :

1. Babies wear proper clothes.

2. Messages are sent by the pigeons.

3. Hunting with a camera gives trophies.

4. They stretch their little limbs in the sun,

5. We pay our homage to our martyrs.

6. We call this splitting fusion.

7. The whole world is made up of nine6, kinds of atoms.

8. I am waiting for Allison.

9. We are thinking of our brothers and sisters.

10. Father is leaving the Riding Club.

11. She is also building a research reactor.

12. She is inspecting the floor.

13. You are doing some crazy things.

14. I am hearing the buzzing of flies.

15. I have heard it all before.

Download the above Exercise in PDF (Printable)

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