Active and Passive Voice Exercises No.9 & 10 (Miscellaneous)

By | March 15, 2019

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 Put the following sentences into passive Voice:

1. I want to stop this work.

2. Trees give us fruit to eat.

3. It is time to say our prayers.

4. You have got to do it carefully.

5. We are to play a cricket match.

6. People say that Dr M.L. Gera is a good doctor.

7. People assume that he has a lot of money.

8. In the past, people thought that the earth was flat.

9. They say that honesty is the best policy.

10. His behaviour surprises me.

11. Mohan knows me well.

12 Her stop interested me.

13. His work satisfied me.

14. That box contains a lot of money.

15. The remark offended the officer.


1. I want this work to be stopped.

2. Trees give us fruit to be eaten.

3. It is time for our prayers to be said.

4. It has got to be done carefully by you.

5. A cricket match is to be. played by us.

6. Dr M.L. Gera is said to be a good doctor.

7. It is assumed that he has a lot of money.

8. In the past, it was thought that the earth was flat.

9. It is said that honesty is the best policy.

10. I am surprised by his behaviour.

11. I am known well to Mohan.

12. 1 was interested in her story.

13. I was satisfied with his work.

14. A lot of money is contained in that box.

15. The officer was offended at the remark.

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Put the following sentences into the passive voice:

1. Type these letters at once.

2. Deposit your money in the bank.

3. Send invitations to all the parents.

4. Do you take colour photographs?

5. Did they hire a taxi?

6. Is the doctor examining the patient?

7. Where do they play the match?

8. Why did they raise this question?

9. Where can you get good books?

10. When do they clear the mail?

11. Who broke the news?

12. What did they discuss at the meeting?

13. We can’t take up this work now.

14. Some persons don’t eat bananas.

15. The tourists didn’t visit this place.


1. Let these letters be typed at once.

2. Let your money be deposited in bank

3. Let invitations be sent to all the parents.

4. Are colour photographs taken by you?

5. Was a taxi hired by them?

6. Is the patient being examined by the doctor?

7. Where is the match played by them?

8. Why was this question raised by them?

9. Where can good books be got?

10. When is mail cleared?

11. By whom was the news broken?

12. What was discussed at the meeting?

13. This work cannot be taken up now by us.

14. Bananas are not eaten by sonic persons.

15. This place was not visited by tourists.

Download the above Exercise in PDF (Printable)

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