4.Short Story : Death Penalty

By | April 30, 2018

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Complete the story on the following beginning

In 1965, A man named Robert Killed a family of five ……………………………..

Death Penalty

In 1965, A man named Robert Killed a family of five while stowing away a few hundred dollars from their house. The court held a trial and Robert was charged guilty. The court converted his death sentence into life imprisonment. As he exhibited “Good Behavior” he was revised on parade in 1978. Almost a year had passed when Robert committed another murder heat resulted from a fight outside a coffee shop. Robert was tried, convicted and successfully executed in 1991.
Crimes like these are unique, but unfortunately not uncommon. We can speculate the motive behind these crimes establish re habitation canvas and wive the most penetrating criminal psychiatrist but move of these efforts would resurrect the dead. Had Robert been executed the first time, a precious life would have been saved, for these who claim to salve life, however small or historically insignificant would agree to this premise may not be conclusive but certainly thought provoking.
A very thought provoking premise is that an never ends in mercy and it never should be. Considering this balance, death penalty is a judicious mode of punishment, reserving the most brutal sentence for the most heinous crimes. At the very beginning of this article, I mentioned how Robert killed the whole family of five. Though the soul of dead couldn’t be brought back through execution of the criminal but it douses the five of vengeance that constantly busses inside the family member and despises justice.
The death penalty can as a deterrent for all the criminals who indulge inculpable homicide. If we live in a society that values human life and most importantly values their won life, there we must respect all avenues to save ourselves law and primitive of homicide. Our criminal law and primitive system no certainly been derived to prevent those potential victims above those of actual murders. According to a statistical Report, India courts have given death
penalty to only 20 criminals out of 1,00,000 “Rarest of Rare” cases as described by law. The lives of these barbaric criminals should not come at the case of citizens who value their lives.
I think we all can accept this premise that if we fail to execute murders, we will allow the killing of a Busch of innocent individuals, to consider a fair worst care scenario, we can also descent to Auorchy.
Considering the fact that every country has its own law and principles this issue must be taken up commonly. A murder has to be considered brutal whether it is done our a whit manor black an Indian or American.
The view of saving the lives of these barbarians who thoughtlessly kill others is completely unacceptable. These barbarians being called as patois and have no place in society and have consciously given up their right to live. Being treated for mutual disorders are ruining precious live and this is not the that our society can afford for their treatment. An eye for an eye may make the whole wovid blind, but allowing even to gorge other men’s eyes leaves us with a society where in the malevolent could only see.

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