19.Short Story:I Am Not Scared Anymore

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Complete the story on the following beginning:

It was Thursday afternoon, I was on my school bus and I was……………………………………

I Am Not Scared Anymore

It was Thursday afternoon, I was on my school bus and I was discussing with my friends how I and my family are planning to go to Delhi this weekend. All were giving me suggestions what all markets I could visit for different things. I heard the conductor calling my name “Riya, your stop has come. Hurry up.” I can don’t realise when my stop comes. Ibid fair-well to my friends and stepped out of the bus. I started moving towards my home. Mid-way, I realised that someone was following me. I turned back and tried to see the cow followed me, man. He was the same boy who followed me home yesterday as well. He looked at me in a weird manner. I got scared and started walking faster. I saw a house with an open gate. I ran towards the open gate and hid behind the gate hoping that, that boy would have left by then. To my utter horror, the boy was standing outside smiling. I was pretty scared. what should I do? should I shout? But what if the boy attacked me? should I run again? But then he would still follow me. But at that time I remembered the courageous words spoken by my mother echoed in my mind. The one who has courage is never alone because he has the courage to walk with himself. I stood straight, wiped off my tears and sweat from the face. I threw my bag in that house itself and took steady steps towards that boy. It was really fun to see that boy was confused as now the sides of the table had changed. He turned around and started walking away from me. I followed him till the market. Then I threw a stone at him. A huge crowd gathered threw. I told them about what he did today and the day before. Then everyone started beating him and handed him to the police. Among the crowd, one was my father. Everyone praised me for showing courage. I walked towards my home with no trace of fear but pride and confidence in my heart. I was not scared anymore.

Moral: Women should not be scared anymore. They should raise their voice against the wrong things.

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