17.Short Story : Self Help is the Best Help

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Complete the story on the following beginning

Once there was a poor weaver named Sam. He was very lazy………………………

Self Help is the Best Help

Once there was a poor weaver named Sam. He was very lazy and always used to shirk the work. He could not earn much because of it. He always used to blame his fate for all adversities in his life and the failures that he used to face. He kept on living like this for years together and did not even try to mind his ways. One day a saint happened to pass by his cottage. He stopped there to talk to him. The weaver again repeated the same thing in front of the saint too. The saint tried to console him and advised him not to blame his fate like that. He also encouraged him to work harder and try to give up laziness. He explained to him that God also helps those who help themselves and he wants to get anything in his life by blaming others. The weaver understood and took each word said by the saint to his heart. He followed his advice and toiled really hard than ever before. Soon, he becomes very rich and prosperous. He realized the fact that “Self-help is the Best help.”

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