14.Short Story : Mahabharata Redefined

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Mahabharata Redefined

Complete the story on the following beginning;

A tale told and retold that people will never cease talking………………..

A tale told and retold
that people will never cease talking
a source of wisdom
in the sky, the earth and the lower would.
of the few, the very few books that have endured the tests of time and have lived to bless the generations following, one of them is the mother of all spies – the Mahabharata is what we make of it, it is the content of our collective unconscious.
The following is our version of “the games of dice and Draupadi’s dishonour in the royal court.” Draupadi’s challenge to the male elders in a patriarchal society when lost by Yudhishtir, hailed a spirited battle cry for women’s rights is what inspires us to give our own version of an integral part of the Indian psyche.
There is a room and from the dimly lit lamps which leave the room in hues and shades of grey, one could make out that the environment was full of morbidity.
“It was a shame”, Bhishmapitama said “What happened that day was not an act of justice by Duryodhana nor that had the elevated his stature. It was what people would remember as cowardice.
Duryodhana was clenching his fist, his knuckles had become white from this strain, “what happened to her was what she deserved, grandfather. You do remember what my dishonour. It was because of embarrassments that had spurned all these events.”
Arjun, who had been quite a while, spoke up. “Had she not ridiculed Duryodhana that day, we would have never suffered all these indignities” “I still remember…” Arjun said, how I was heard to the ground, all my valour, my ornaments, my pride – my Identity, I was stripped off instantly. “I think Duryodhana should not be accused of all of it.”
Kunti could hold it no more, “Arjun, do you even know what you are talking about? Is this fault so grievous as to invite such treatment? was it right to stop her in full public view in the court? Can’t you see through evil machination of Kauravas? Can you ever bear an iota of the pain that Draupadi had gone through? She could have destroyed each one of you sitting here that day if she had wanted to.” “It was I who had told her to hair patience…” “Yes, patience, It has become on an obligation for women, right. Her self-respect was tortured, beaten, mutilated, her soul taught, all women fo the would to meekly submit to their fate, to oppression, to be patient.
Yudhishthir intervened and said, “you are right. Panchaali is our pride, she devoted all her life for us. Whatever she did was for our happiness. Her entire life is an epitome of selfless deeds and sacrifices for others ’cause” Arjun feeling a little ashamed looked down and heaved a sigh. Yudhishthira then tunning to Arjun a thoughtless statement from you. Have you forgotten, it was for your sake that Panchaali did – what any woman would have refused to she married all of us! she is an idol of magnanimity and his sacrifice is supreme.”
Interrupting Bheem said, “He is right Arjun, blow can you raise a finger at the integrity of Panchaali – your wife the woman who gave up every Hing for you, the woman – who gave up all pleasures of married life, the love she deserved, the care, the affection, all hers, have you ever even thought about her feelings, her desires, her hopes. Who has given you the right of taking her you granted?

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