16.Short Story : Circle of Anger

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Complete the story on the following beginning

A man was working when his boss started shouting at him. It made………………………………

Circle of Anger

A man was working when his boss started shouting at him. It made him full weak and useless. The man went home and immediately shouted at his wife, accusing her of spending too much money. It made her full small and helpless. So the wife shouted at their son for breaking a plate. It made the child full money and stupid.

So the child shouted at the dog and kicked it. The dog felt hurt and frightened. So the dog ran outside and bit a woman on the strut. The woman was shocked and in pain. She went to the hospital to treat the bits and shouted at the doctor felt frustrated and in appreciated. So the doctor went home and shouted at his mother for not having dinner ready. The mother stayed calm. She stroked his hair and said, Tomorrow I will cook your favourites meal, you work so hard and you are tired. I’ll go and put fresh sheets on your bed. So you can have a good night’s sleep. You’ll full better in the morning. She pissed him on the check and left him alone to rest. And so the circle of anger was broken with patience, forgiveness and love. It’s so important not to spread anger. If you find yourself caught in a circle of anger, remember you can break it. If you are patient, you are willing to forgive and you are full of love.

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