9.Short Story: Brewery of Benny.

By | May 2, 2018

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Complete the story on the following beginning:

It was a dark night. A girl named Benny was all alone at home ……………………………………

Brewery of Benny.

It was a dark night. A girl named Benny was all alone at home doing preparation for examination which was tomorrow. She was very tensed about the next day. At 9:30 pm she went for studying. Till 11:00 clock her work was finished. She went to pack her bag; putting her pen in her kit. She went to her bed and she was going to switch off the lamp which was near the window. Suddenly she saw a shadow moving in the corridors. She got frittered as no one was at home her parent’s had gone out of station for a business meeting. She went in the corridors to see who was there so she followed that shadow. When she was following it the shadow suddenly disappeared. After a while, Benny heard someone climbing up the stair case. She quickly ran after the footsteps. Then she saw a man wearing a black coat going in her parents room and trying unlock the lock with a safety pin. Benny shouted and the robber was coming toward her. She threw a ball on the thief and the thief faithed. She called the police the police arrested the thief and Benny was awarded with Rs. 500 case and a Brewery Certificate.

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