Article Writing 11 & 12 Tips Examples & Worksheets

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Writing creative, unique, professional and great articles is no doubt a tough job but it is rewarding if you perfect this art. This is a vast field including magazine articles, website content articles, SEO articles, blog articles, academic journal articles, newspaper articles, 
So if all your attention is absorbed in questions on article writing like how to write a short article in English for a blog, magazine or how to get paid for writing articles and how to earn money by writing articles?

How to Write an Article Step by Step- 

Eye-catching Title – This is the most important part of your article. Give your article a title that catches the attention of the reader. If you choose a topic burning It should be relevant to them. 
Beginning – Begin your article with a quotation or popular poetic line that supports your topic most relevantly. Let the readers be satisfied that you are going to write something new and relevant.
Content- A vast ground for your creativity comprising reasons, effects, the present state of affairs, etc. This part must include.

Note- In CBSE Board Two paragraphs are also accepted depending upon the situation but the ending lines should seem to be concluding your topic

Facts/ statistics
Quotes by well-known people
References from media (film, television, radio)
Definitions of the terms you are using. 
Quotes and illustrations on the subject you are writing.
Helpful tools, resources or products (if any, consider creating a sidebar)
References to local venues or events (if for a regional/local publication).

Note- Good vocabulary, grammatical knowledge, Creativity and Subject knowledge are the integral parts of Article writing

Conclusion- Conclude with your strongest point. Use short and humorous sentences, leave at least one questions to provide a required effect on the reader’s mind.

Format/ Layout of Article Writing-


By- the name of the author


Para I:                Introduction –
Para II:              Content -Causes, effects, present state of affairs, etc.
Para III:            Conclusion -Draw solutions and conclusions

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