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By | October 3, 2023
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In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from The Fight. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying The Fight Word Meanings from It So Happened Class 8.

Hard Words : The Fight Page No.- 45

Pool = Small water body, pond (ताल), Semi-hill station = Partial hill area, almost hill station (आधा पहाड़ी स्थल), Wandered = Roamed, strolled (भटकना), Interminably = Endlessly, ceaselessly (अनवरत), Vest = Undershirt, sleeveless top (बनियान),

Chalky = Powdery, like chalk (चूने जैसा), Parched = Dry, dehydrated (सूखा हुआ), Translucency = Semi-clear, partly transparent (पारदर्शिता), Pebbles = Small stones, rocks (कंकड़), Cluster = Group, bunch (समूह), Gushing torrent = Fast stream, rapid flow (झोंपड़ पानी), Cascading = Falling, flowing (झरना समान प्रवाह)  

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The Fight Difficult Words in English Page No.-46

Plains = Flat lands, open areas (मैदान), Hesitate = Pause, waver (झिझक), Wallowed = Rolled, lounged (लोटना), Glistened = Shone, sparkled (चमकना), Quench = Satisfy, cool (शांत करना), Limpid = Clear, see-through (स्वच्छ), Stretched = Extended, elongated (फैलाना), Shade = Shelter, shadow (छाया), Broad-leaved = Wide-foliage, large-petaled (चौड़े पत्ते वाला),

Sal trees = Timber tree, hardwood (साल के पेड़), Hostile = Aggressive, unfriendly (शत्रुतापूर्ण), Thickset = Sturdy, robust (मज़बूत), Stranger = Outsider, unfamiliar (अजनबी), Strode = Walked, stepped (बड़े कदमों से चलना), Friendly = Amicable, warm (मित्रवत), Aback = Surprised, shocked (आश्चर्यचकित)  

Good Word Meaning of Lesson The Fight Page No.-47

Settle = Resolve, decide (निर्णय करना), Matter = Issue, subject (मुद्दा), Replies = Responses, answers (जवाब), Proclaimed = Announced, declared (घोषित), Penetrated = Pierced, entered (प्रवेश करना), Violent = Aggressive, fierce (हिंसात्मक), Attitude = Stance, posture (दृष्टिकोण),

Staggered = Wobbled, tottered (लड़खड़ाना), Assailant = Attacker, aggressor (हमलावर), Swung = Twisted, turned quickly (झूला), Fist = Hand clenched, punch (मुठ), Throats = Necks, gullet (गला),

Desperate = Urgent, frantic (उत्कट), Gasping = Gaping, panting (सांस लेने में कठिनाई), Clawing = Scratching, tearing (पंजा मारना), Shallows = Shallow areas, not deep parts (उथला), Spluttering = Coughing, spitting (फाफाहट करना), Mud = Wet soil, sludge (कीचड़), Groped = Searched blindly, fumbled (अंधेरे में ढूंढना)

English Difficult Words of Class 8 Chapter 6 The Fight Page No.-48

Frenzied = Wild, frantic (उन्मादी), Emerged = Came out, surfaced (प्रकट होना), Exhaustion = Tiredness, fatigue (थकावट), Tremendous = Huge, enormous (अत्यधिक), Realise = Understand, recognize (समझना), Consideration = Thought, reflection (विचार), Silence = Quiet, stillness (मौन),

Breathing = Inhaling, exhaling (सांस लेना), Initiative = First step, beginning (पहल), Inspiration = Idea, insight (प्रेरणा), Dare = Challenge, brave (साहस करना), Warrior = Fighter, soldier (योद्धा), Difficulty = Hardship, challenge (कठिनाई), Victorious = Winning, triumphant (विजयी), Continue = Proceed, go on (जारी रखना)  

Class 8 English Chapter 6 The Fight Word Meaning in English Page No.-49

Mercy = Kindness, compassion (दया), Respective = Individual, particular (प्रत्येक), Routes = Paths, ways (मार्ग), Bruises = Marks, discolorations (नील पड़ जाना), Conceal = Hide, cover up (छुपाना), Unusually = Exceptionally, extraordinarily (असामान्य रूप से), Insisted = Demanded, asserted (जोर देना), Solace = Comfort, relief (सांत्वना), Vividly = Clearly, brightly (स्पष्टता से),

Lemonade = Citrus drink, lime water (नींबू पानी), Jalebis = Sweet spirals, syrupy dessert (जलेबी), Adversary = Opponent, enemy (विरोधी), Impulse = Urge, inclination (प्रवृत्ति), Elsewhere = Another place, somewhere else (अन्यत्र)

The Fight Class 8 English To English Word Meaning Page No.-50

Scowled = Frowned, glared (भौंचक्का चढ़ाना), Adversary = Opponent, enemy (विरोधी), Ferocity = Fierceness, intensity (उग्रता), Eager = Enthusiastic, keen (उत्सुक),

Challenge = Dare, test (चुनौती), Stiff = Rigid, inflexible (कठिन), Sore = Painful, tender (दर्दनाक), Acknowledgement = Recognition, confirmation (मान्यता), Defeat = Loss, failure (हार), Acquiesce = Agree, accept (मान लेना),

Defy = Challenge, oppose (विरोध करना), Outwit = Outsmart, deceive (चालाकी से हराना), Respect = Esteem, admiration (सम्मान), Surrendered = Gave up, yield (समर्पण करना), Encounter = Meeting, confrontation (सामना)  

The Fight Class 8 Word Meaning English Page No.-51

Hoping = Expecting, Wishing (आशा करना), Stripped = Bare, Undressed (नंगा), Rubbing = Massaging, Applying (रगड़ना), Vest = Undershirt, Garment (बनियान),

Surface = Appear, Emerge (ऊपर आना), Splash = Sprinkle, Spatter (छिटक), Amazement = Wonder, Shock (आश्चर्य),

Dive = Plunge, Jump (डुबकी), Treading = Walking, Trampling (चलना), Superiority = Dominance, Preeminence (श्रेष्ठता), Dissolved = Melted, Disappeared (घुलना), Belly = Tummy, Stomach (पेट), Displace = Shift, Move (हटाना), Warrior = Soldier, Fighter (योद्धा), Challenge = Test, Confront (चुनौती), Vigour = Energy, Force (ऊर्जा)  

Class 8 English The Fight Difficult Word Meaning English Page No.-52

Surface = Top, Exterior (सतह), Perfect = Flawless, Ideal (उत्तम), Astonished = Amazed, Surprised (अच्छंभित), Plunge = Dive, Jump (डुबकी लगाना), Bottom = Base, Underside (तल), Grey = Silvery, Ashen (धूसर), Strong = Powerful, Robust (मजबूत),

Muscle = Tendon, Flesh (मांसपेशी), Wrestler = Fighter, Grappler (पहलवान), Impact = Force, Collision (प्रभाव), Critically = Analytically, Judiciously (आलोचनात्मक रूप से), Bony = Skeletal, Lean (हड्डियों वाला)

Class 8 The Fight Word Meaning English to Hindi Page No.-53 

Pahelwan = Wrestler, Strongman (पहलवान), Dive = Plunge, Submerge (डुबकी), Unflinching = Steadfast, Resolute (अटल), Understanding = Comprehension, Insight (समझ), Limpid = Clear, Transparent (स्पष्ट),

Shade = Shadow, Shelter (छाया), Permission = Authorization, Consent (अनुमति), Dare = Challenge, Defy (हिम्मत करना), Exchange = Trade, Swap (आदान प्रदान), Born = Created, Emerged (जन्म लेना),

Honest = Truthful, Genuine (ईमानदार), Branches = Limbs, Boughs (शाखाएं), Quiet = Calm, Peaceful (शांत), Knowledge = Awareness, Information (ज्ञान), Younger = Junior, Lesser in age (छोटा), Settled = Positioned, Located (बसा हुआ), Permission = Approval, Consent (अनुमति)