Hard Words : Princess September Difficult Words in English with Hindi Meaning | It So Happened | Class 8 | 2023-24 Updated

By | October 3, 2023

In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from Princess September. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying Princess September Word Meanings from It So Happened Class 8.”

Hard Words : Princess September Page No.-34

Confused = mixed up, unclear (भ्रांत), Peculiar = strange, unusual (अजीब), Handy = available, convenient (सुविधाजनक), Cage = enclosure, prison for animals/birds (पिंजरा), Proud = feeling of satisfaction, pleased (गर्वित), Oriental = of the East, Asian (पूरवीय)  

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Princess September Difficult Words in English No.-35

Burst = explode, break open (फट पड़ना), Flood of tears = heavy crying, weeping (अधिक रोना), Comforted = soothed, consoled (संतोषित), Stuff and nonsense = absurdity, nonsense (बकवास), Hungry = famished, starving (भूखा), Hop = jump, skip (उछलना) ,

Wiped = cleaned, erased (पोंछना), Lake = pond, waterbody (झील), Willow trees = drooping trees, slender trees (विलो वृक्ष), Glided = slid, floated (फिसलना), Reflected = mirrored, echoed (प्रतिबिंबित), Supper = dinner, evening meal (रात का भोजन)

Good Word Meaning of Lesson Princess September Page No.-36

Place = position, spot (स्थान), Delight = joy, pleasure (आनंद), Surprised = astonished, amazed (अच्छंभित), Palace = royal residence, mansion (महल), Different = varied, diverse (विभिन्न), Tired = exhausted, weary (थका हुआ), Sentiment = feeling, viewpoint (भावना), Admirable = commendable, praiseworthy (प्रशंसनीय), Reminds = recalls, brings to mind (याद दिलाना)

English Difficult Words of Chapter Princess September Page No.-37

Ran = sprinted, dashed (दौड़ना), Heads together = collaborated, discussed (बातचीत की), Circle round = encircle, surround (घेरा), Fellow = guy, person (व्यक्ति), Flies in and out = moves, wanders (आना जाना), Raised = lifted, hoisted (उठाया हुआ)

Princess September Chapter 5 Word Meaning in English Page No.-38

Mind = object, care (आपत्ति करना), Visit = meeting, trip (मुलाकात), Come back = return, reappear (वापस आना), Advice = suggestion, guidance (सलाह), Risks = dangers, hazards (जोखिम), Lucky = fortunate, blessed (भाग्यशाली), Pop = place quickly, put (तेजी से डालना),

Cage = enclosure, prison (पिंजरा), Fly = flutter, move in air (उड़ना), Safety first = prioritize security (सुरक्षा पहले), Ominously = threateningly, darkly (अशुभ रूप में), Shaking their heads = disapproving, denying (सिर हिलाना), Uneasy = restless, anxious (अशांत)

It So Happened Chapter 5 Princess September English To English Word Meaning  Page No.-39

Seemed = appeared, felt (लगना), Dreadful = terrible, awful (भयानक), Suddenly = abruptly, unexpectedly (अचानक), Behind = at the back, rear (पीछे), Quietly = silently, softly (चुपचाप), Alighted = landed, settled (उतरना), Become = turn into, evolve (बन जाना),

Anxious = worried, concerned (चिंतित), Circumstances = situations, conditions (परिस्थितियां), Thump = heavy beat, pound (धड़ाक), Chest = torso, breast (छाती), Mind = think, decide (मनना)  

It So Happened Class 8 Princess September Word Meaning English Page No.-40

Hold = grip, grasp (पकड़), Surprised = astonished, shocked (अचंभित), Cage = enclosure, pen (पिंजरा), Ivory = white material, tusk (हाथी दांत), Perch = rest, settle (आसन), Prowling = creeping, sneaking (घूमना), Supper = evening meal, dinner (रात का खाना), Dawn = daybreak, sunrise (भोर),

Awakened = roused, woke up (जागना), Dew = moisture, wetness (ओस), Bars = rods, poles (सलाखें), Beat = hit, strike (मारना), Wise = smart, sagacious (बुद्धिमान), Advice = counsel, suggestion (सलाह)  

Class 8 English Princess September Difficult Word Meaning English Page No.-41

Silly = foolish, nonsensical (मूर्ख), Fond = affectionate, loving (प्यारा), Troubles = problems, issues (मुश्किलें), Fields = meadows, pastures (खेत), Willow = type of tree, salix (विलो वृक्ष), Sulking = brooding, moping (मुंह फुलाना), Anxious = worried, concerned (चिंतित),

Firm = steadfast, resolute (मजबूत), Obstinate = stubborn, unyielding (जिद्दी), Ungrateful = thankless, unappreciative (अकृतज्ञ), Cheerful = happy, sunny (प्रसन्न), Startled = surprised, shocked (चौंकाया हुआ), Corner = angle, nook (कोना)  

Class 8 Princess September Word Meaning English to Hindi Page No.-42

Bottom = base, underside (तल), Side = aspect, facet (पक्ष), Free = unbound, liberated (स्वतंत्र), Cage = enclosure, jail (पिंजरा), Sill = ledge, threshold (खिड़की की चौखट), Loveliest = most beautiful, charming (सबसे सुंदर), Far away = distant, remote (दूर)

Princess September Word Meaning Vocabulary Page No.-43

Shake = tremble, wiggle (हिलाना), Stiff = rigid, unyielding (कठोर), Wings = appendages, flaps (पंख), Forget = overlook, neglect (भूलना), Mocked = ridiculed, teased (उपहास किया), Return = come back, revisit (लौटना), Inclined = tilted, leaning (प्रवृत्त), Ugly = unattractive, unpleasant (भद्दा), Councillors = advisors, representatives (पार्षद)