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By | October 3, 2023
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In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from The Squirrel. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying The Squirrel Word Meanings from Honeycomb Class 7.”

Hard Words :  The Squirrel Page No.- 7 

Thought = idea, reflection (विचार), Fail = not succeed, lose (असफल होना), Kingdom = realm, territory (राज्य), Promising = assuring, committing (वादा करना),

Large sum = big amount, significant quantity (बड़ी मात्रा), Wise = smart, learned (बुद्धिमान), Differently = uniquely, distinctively (अलग तरह से), Timetable = schedule, roster (समय सारणी), Strictly = rigidly, firmly (सख्ती से),

Proper = right, fitting (उपयुक्त), Thought= unachievable, unthinkable (असंभव), Advance = beforehand, earlier (पूर्व में), Notice = see, observe (ध्यान देना), Avoid = evade, shun (टालना), Foolish pleasures = unwise joys, silly enjoyments (मूर्खता पूर्ण आनंद)

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The Squirrel Difficult Words in English Page No.- 8

Always = at all times, constantly (हमेशा), Necessary = essential, needed (आवश्यक), Council = advisory board, committee (परिषद), Urgent = pressing, crucial (तुरंत का), Magicians = sorcerers, illusionists (जादूगार), Councillors = advisors, representatives (सलाहकार), Priests = clergymen, religious leaders (पुजारी), Doctors = physicians, medics (चिकित्सक), Soldiers = troops, warriors (सैनिक),

Science = study, discipline (विज्ञान), Fighting = combat, conflict (लड़ाई), Religious worship = prayers, devotion (धार्मिक पूजा), Hermit = recluse, ascetic (सन्यासी), Wisdom = insight, prudence (बुद्धिमत्ता), Ordinary = common, usual (सामान्य), Bodyguard = protector, security (अंगरक्षक),

Digging = excavating, burrowing (खोदना), Wood = forest, grove (जंगल), Simple people = common folks, laymen (साधारण लोग), Clothes = attire, garments (कपड़े), Horse = equine, steed (घोड़ा), Hut = shack, small house (झोपड़ी), Ground = soil, land (जमीन)

Good Word Meaning of Poem The Squirrel Page No.- 9

Greeted = welcomed, saluted (नमस्ते किया), Continued = proceeded, persisted (जारी रखा), Old = elderly, aged (बुजुर्ग), Weak = fragile, feeble (कमजोर), Breathed heavily = panted, gasped (भारी श्वास लिया), Wise = knowledgeable, learned (बुद्धिमान),

Affairs = matters, issues (मामले), Listened = heard, heeded (सुना), Tired = fatigued, exhausted (थका हुआ), Spade = shovel, trowel (फावड़ा), Work = labor, toil (काम), Place = position, spot (स्थान), Thanks = gratitude, appreciation (धन्यवाद), Sat down = settled, perched (बैठ गया), Ground = earth, floor (जमीन)

The Squirrel Poem English Difficult Words Page No.- 10

Dug = excavated, burrowed (खोदा), Repeated = said again, reiterated (दोहराया), Stood up = rose, got up (खड़ा हो गया), Stretching out = extending, reaching out (फैलाया), Rest = relax, take a break (आराम करना), Hour passed = time elapsed, 60 minutes went by (घंटा बीत गया), Sun went down = set, descended (सूरज डूब गया), Trees = woody plants, timber (वृक्ष), Stuck = inserted, pushed in (डाल दिया),

Wise = intelligent, sagacious (बुद्धिमान), Return = go back, retreat (लौटना), Running = jogging, sprinting (दौड़ रहा है), Turned round = pivoted, rotated (मुड़ गया), Bearded = having facial hair, whiskered (दाढ़ी वाला), Pressed = pushed, compressed (दबाया हुआ),

Stomach = abdomen, belly (पेट), Blood = life fluid, red liquid (खून), Fainted = passed out, lost consciousness (बेहोश हो गया), Fell = dropped, collapsed (गिर गया), Ground = earth, floor (जमीन), Hermit = recluse, ascetic (सन्यासी)

The Squirrel Poem Word Meaning in English Page No.- 11

Removed = took off, detached (हटाया), Clothing = attire, garments (वस्त्र), Wound = injury, lesion (घाव), Washed = cleansed, rinsed (धोया), Handkerchief = cloth napkin, kerchief (रुमाल),

Flowing = moving, streaming (बह रहा था), Re-dressed = bandaged again, re-wrapped (फिर से पट्टी बांधी), Bleeding = blood flow, hemorrhaging (रक्तस्राव), Felt better = improved, felt relieved (बेहतर महसूस हुआ),

Drink = beverage, liquid (पेय), Fresh water = pure water, clean water (ताजा पानी), Set = descend, go down (अस्त होना), Air = atmosphere, breeze (हवा), Cool = chilly, cold (ठंडा), Carried = transported, conveyed (उठाया), Hut = shack, cabin (झोंपड़ी), Laid = placed, set down (रखा),

Quiet = silent, calm (शांत), Tired = fatigued, exhausted (थका हुआ), Slept = dozed off, rested (सो गया), Awoke = woke up, arose (जागा), Remember = recall, recollect (याद करना)

The Squirrel Poem English To English Word Meaning Page No.- 12

Strange = unfamiliar, unknown (अजनबी), Bearded = having a beard, whiskered (दाढ़ी वाला), Forgive = pardon, excuse (क्षमा करना), Weak voice = soft voice, faint voice (कमजोर आवाज), Revenge = retaliation, vengeance (प्रतिशोध), Seized = took over, confiscated (ज़ब्त किया), Property = possessions, assets (संपत्ति), Hiding-place = hideout, shelter (छिपने की जगह),

Bodyguard = protector, guard (अंगरक्षक), Recognised = identified, noticed (पहचाना), Wounded = injured, hurt (घायल), Escaped = got away, fled (भाग गया), Faithful servant = loyal attendant, devoted helper (वफादार सेवक), Happy = pleased, content (खुश), Peace = harmony, truce (शांति),

Enemy = foe, adversary (दुश्मन), Forgave = pardoned, excused (क्षमा किया), Doctor = physician, healer (डॉक्टर), Property = estate, belongings (संपत्ति), Sowing seeds = planting seeds, broadcasting seeds (बीज बोना), Beds = plots, patches (खेत), Beg = plead, request (विनती करना)

The Squirrel Poem Word Meaning English Page No.- 13

Answered = replied, responded (जवाब दिया), Hermit = sage, ascetic (सन्यासी), Pitied = felt compassion for, sympathized with (दया की), Weakness = frailty, vulnerability (कमजोरी), Attacked = assaulted, charged at (हमला किया), Beds = plots, patches (खेत),

Caring = looking after, tending to (देखभाल करना), Dressed = bandaged, treated (मरहम लगाना), Wounds = injuries, cuts (घाव),

Peace = harmony, amity (शांति), Remember = recall, keep in mind (याद रखना), Power = ability, strength (शक्ति), Act = take action, perform (कार्यवली करना), Necessary = essential, required (आवश्यक), Particular = specific, certain (विशेष), Future = upcoming time, ahead (भविष्य), Business = task, duty (कार्य), Purpose = reason, objective (उद्देश्य)