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By | October 3, 2023
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In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from The Treasure Within. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying The Treasure Within Word Meanings from It So Happened Class 8.”

Hard Words : The Treasure Within Page No.- 25

Terrible = Awful, bad (भयानक), Nightmare = Bad dream, fright (बुरा सपना), Disappeared = Vanished, gone (गायब होना), Continuous = Ongoing, unending (लगातार), Appearing = Showing, emerging (प्रकट होना), Psyche = Mind, spirit (मन), Absolutely = Fully, totally (पूरी तरह से)  

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The Treasure Within Difficult Words in English Page No.- 26

Memories = Recollections, thoughts (स्मृतियां), Copy = Imitate, duplicate (नकल करना), Principal = Headmaster, chief (प्रधानाध्यापक), Sportsman = Player, athlete (खिलाड़ी), Field = Ground, pitch (मैदान), Prayers = Worship, chants (प्रार्थना),

SSC = Board exam, secondary exam (माध्यमिक परीक्षा), Distinction = Honor, excellence (विशेषता), Things = Items, objects (चीजें), Photograph = Pic, image (तस्वीर)  

The Treasure Within Good Word Meaning Page No.- 27

Matter = Content, subject (विषय), Badly = Poorly, inadequately (बुरे तरह से), Pulled up = Scolded, rebuked (फटकारना), Caning = Whipping, beating (छड़ी से मारना), Wrath = Anger, fury (क्रोध), State of mind = Mood, mindset (मनोदशा),

Insecure = Unsafe, unsure (असुरक्षित), Threatened = Warned, menaced (धमकाना), Distraction = Diversion, interruption (विचलन), Strategies = Plans, tactics (रणनीतियां), Academics = Studies, education (शैक्षिक)

English Difficult Words of Chapter The Treasure Within Page No.- 28

Comprehension = Understanding, grasp (समझ), Nightmares = Bad dreams, terrors (बुरे सपने), Field = Area, domain (मैदान), Stumbled = Tripped, blundered (ठोकर लगना), Architecture = Building design, blueprint (वास्तुकला), Pranks = Jokes, tricks (शरारतें),

Calling = Vocation, profession (पेशा), Admission = Entry, access (प्रवेश), Graduation = Degree, diploma (स्नातक)  

The Treasure Within Word Meaning in English Page No.- 29

Influence = Clout, sway (प्रभाव), Detail = Feature, element (विवरण), Bet = Gamble, wager (शर्त), Design = Layout, blueprint (डिज़ाइन), Cakewalk = Breeze, walkover (आसान), Plan = Layout, scheme (योजना), Section = Slice, cross-section (अनुभाग),

Understanding = Insight, perception (बुद्धि), Competitions = Rivalries, contests (प्रतियोगिता), Forts = Strongholds, citadels (किले), Ammunition = Bullets, shells (गोला-बारूद), Different = Distinct, varied (भिन्न), Top = Apex, summit (चोटी), Looked like = Appeared, seemed (दिखाई दिया)

Class 8 English The Treasure Within English To English Word Meaning Page No.- 30

Sketches = Drawings, doodles (स्केच), Architect = Designer, planner (वास्तुकार), Studies = Learning, academics (अध्ययन), Cope = Manage, handle (निपटाना), Curriculum = Syllabus, course (पाठ्यक्रम), Contention = Claim, assertion (तर्क), Giftedness = Talent, aptitude (प्रतिभा),

Disabilities = Impairments, handicaps (विकलांगता) , Street smart = Worldly-wise, astute (सड़क पर समझदार), Toppers = Best students, high achievers (शीर्षक), Ordinarily = Normally, typically (साधारणत:), Concept = Idea, notion (अवधारणा), Contention = Argument, dispute (तर्क), Situation = Circumstance, case (परिस्थिति)

Class 8 English Chapter 4 The Treasure Within Word Meaning English Page No.- 31

Academics = Studies, scholarship (शैक्षिक), Personality = Character, nature (व्यक्तित्व), Expression = Articulation, communication (अभिव्यक्ति), Defied = Challenged, opposed (अवहेलना की), Raining = Precipitating, drizzling (बारिश हो रही है), Dam = Barrier, reservoir (बांध), Flow = Movement, current (प्रवाह), Button = Fastener, stud (बटन), Discipline = Order, control (अनुशासन),

Structure = Building, formation (संरचना), Client = Customer, patron (ग्राहक), Pronounces = Speaks, articulates (उच्चारित करता है), Relate = Connect, associate (संबंधित होना), Spontaneously = Naturally, automatically (स्वयंभू रूप से), Instinctively = Intuitively, naturally (सहज रूप से)

It so Happened Chapter 4 The Treasure Within Difficult Word Meaning English Page No.- 32

Instinct = Impulse, intuition (सहज प्रवृत्ति), Arithmetic = Calculation, math (अंकगणित), Construction = Building, making (निर्माण), Psychology = Study of mind, behavior (मनोविज्ञान), Sociology = Study of society, social study (समाजशास्त्र),

Interpretation = Explanation, understanding (व्याख्या), Derived = Obtained, gotten (प्राप्त किया), Hated = Loathed, detested (घृणित किया), Loves = Adores, cherishes (पसंद करता है), Dealing = Handling, managing (संचार)