Hard Words : The Selfish Giant Difficult Words in English with Hindi Meaning | It So Happened | Class 8 | 2023-24 Updated

By | October 3, 2023

In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from The Selfish Giant. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying The Selfish Giant Word Meanings from It So Happened Class 8.”

Hard Words : The Selfish Giant Page No.- 17

Giant = big person, behemoth (दैत्य), Peach-trees = fruit trees, orchard (आड़ू का पेड़), Springtime = bloom season, vernal (वसंत ऋतु), Blossoms = blooms, flowers (फूलों का गुच्छा), Autumn = fall, harvest (पतझड़), Sang = voiced, chanted (गाना), Ogre = monster, beast (राक्षस), Gruff = coarse, stern (कठोर)  

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The Selfish Giant Difficult Words in English Page No.- 18

Understand = grasp, comprehend (समझना), Wall = barrier, partition (दीवार), Notice-board = signboard, placard (सूचना पटल), Trespassers = intruders, violators (अनधिकृत प्रवेशक), Prosecuted = charged, tried (अभियुक्त करना), Selfish = self-centered, egotistic (स्वार्थी),

Poor = unfortunate, needy (गरीब), Dusty = powdery, sandy (धूलदार), Stones = rocks, pebbles (पत्थर), Wander = roam, stroll (भटकना), Walls = barriers, partitions (दीवारें), Spring = bloom season, vernal (वसंत ऋतु)  

Good Word Meaning of the Lesson The Selfish Giant Page No.- 19

Blossom = bloom, flower (खिलना), Snow = flake, sleet (बर्फ), Frost = freeze, chill (ठंढ), Cloak = cover, wrap (चादर), North Wind = cold breeze, northern gust (उत्तरी हवा)  , Furs = pelts, skins (फर)  , Roared = bellowed, shouted (गर्जना), Chimney-pots = flue, stack (चिमनी का टोप) , Hail = sleet, ice pellets (ओला) , Roof = top, cover (छत), Castle = fortress, palace (महल),

Grey = silvery, pale (धूसर), Giant = big person, behemoth (दैत्य), Weather = climate, conditions (मौसम), Spring = bloom season, vernal (वसंत ऋतु), Summer = warm season, hot period (गर्मियाँ),

Autumn = fall, harvest (पतझड़), Selfish = self-centered, egotistic (स्वार्थी), Winter = cold season, chilly period (सर्दियाँ), Linnet = songbird, finch (लिन्नेट पक्षी), Perfume = scent, fragrance (इत्र), Casement = window, pane (खिड़की)  

English Difficult Words of The Selfish Giant Page No.- 20

Wonderful = amazing, splendid (अद्भुत), Hole = gap, opening (छिद्र), Wall = barrier, partition (दीवार), Crept = crawled, sneaked (रेंगते हुए आना), Branches = limbs, boughs (शाखाएँ), Glad = happy, pleased (खुश), Covered = enveloped, cloaked (ढका हुआ), Waving = swaying, fluttering (लहराते हुए)  

The Selfish Giant Class 8 Word Meaning in English Page No.- 21

Above = overhead, atop (ऊपर), Twittering = chirping, tweeting (चहचहाहट), Delight = pleasure, joy (आनंद), Looking up = gazing, staring upwards (ऊपर देखना), Laughing = chuckling, giggling (हंसना), Corner = angle, point (कोना), Winter = cold season, chill (सर्दी),

Crying = weeping, sobbing (रोना), Bitterly = intensely, strongly (तीव्रता से), Frost = ice crystals, freeze (हिमपात), Roaring = howling, booming (गर्जना), Climb = ascend, mount (चढ़ना), Melted = softened, dissolved (पिघला हुआ), Crept = moved slowly, sneaked (रेंगते हुए),

Frightened = scared, alarmed (डरा हुआ), Stole up = approached stealthily, sneaked up (चुराया), Gently = softly, delicately (धीरे से), Blossom = bloom, flower (खिलना), Sang = vocalized, performed (गाया), Stretched out = extended, spread (फैलाया), Flung = threw, tossed (फेंका)  

Class 8 English Chapter 3 The Selfish Giant English To English Word Meaning Page No.- 22

Back = return, come again (वापस), Axe = chopper, hatchet (कुल्हाड़ी), Companion = partner, associate (साथी), Loved = adored, cherished (प्रिय), Gone away = left, departed (चला गया), Kind = generous, gentle (दयालु), Longed = desired, wished (तरसना),

Feeble = weak, frail (कमजोर), Armchair = seated furniture, lounge chair (आराम कुर्सी), Watched = observed, looked at (देखा), Admired = appreciated, revered (प्रशंसा की)

The Selfish Giant Class 8 Word Meaning English Page No.- 23

Dressing = getting ready, attire (तैयार हो रहा), Spring = season, renewal (बसंत), Resting = relaxing, taking a break (आराम कर रहा), Marvellous = wonderful, astonishing (अद्भुत), Blossoms = blooms, flowers (कलियाँ), Golden = gold-like, shining (सोने जैसा), Anger = rage, fury (क्रोध),

Wound = injure, harm (घाव), Palms = hands, inner surface of hand (हथेली), Sword = blade, weapon (तलवार), Slay = kill, murder (मार डालना)  

Difficult Word Meaning English of Class 8 Chapter 3 The Selfish Giant Page No.- 24

Wounds = injuries, scars (घाव), Giant = titan, behemoth (दैत्य), Awe = wonder, reverence (विस्मय), Knelt = kneeled, bowed down (घुटने टेकना), Smiled = grinned, beamed (मुस्कराया), Paradise = heaven, utopia (स्वर्ग)