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By | October 3, 2023
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In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from Jalebis. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying Jalebis Word Meanings from It So Happened Class 8.”

Hard Words : Jalebis Page No.-55

Happened = occurred, transpired (घटित होना), Standard = grade, level (श्रेणी), Fund = reserve, collection (कोष), Leave = absence, break (अवकाश), Jingle = ring, chime (झंझनाहट), Kadhao = wok, fryer (कढ़ाई), Jalebis = sweet, dessert (जलेबी)  

Jalebis Difficult Words in English Page No.-56

Misguide = lead astray, deceive (भ्रांत पथ पर ले जाना), Clamour = uproar, racket (शोर), Passersby = pedestrians, walkers (पारित हो रहे लोग), Wretched = miserable, unhappy (दुखी), Panic = fear, alarm (आतंक), Fist = clenched hand, grip (मुठ), Spent = used, expended (खर्च किया),

Misguide = mislead, deceive (भ्रांत पथ पर ले जाना), Sin = wrongdoing, misdeed (पाप), Angry = upset, irritated (नाराज)  , Clamour = noise, uproar (शोर), Stared = gazed, looked intently (ताकना), Grabbed = seized, snatched (पकड़ा)  

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Good Word Meaning of Class 8 Chapter Jalebis Page No.-57

Loosened = relaxed, slackened (ढीला किया), Strangle = choke, throttle (गला दबाना), Scholarship = grant, award (छात्रवृत्ति), Sweets = candies, confectioneries (मिठाई), Blabbering = chattering, prattling (बक-बक करना), Crisp = crunchy, brittle (कुरकुरा),

Syrup = liquid sweetener, nectar (शीरा), Promising = hopeful, budding (आशाजनक), Well-to-do = affluent, wealthy (धनी), Prestige = respect, esteem (प्रतिष्ठा), Contrary = opposite, reverse (विपरीत), Status = position, rank (स्थिति), Clenched = gripped, held tightly (कसकर पकड़ा),

Honestly = truthfully, sincerely (ईमानदारी से), End up = conclude, finish (अंत में पहुँचना), Either = too, as well (भी), Watered = salivated, drooled (मुँह में पानी आना), Particularly = especially, notably (विशेष रूप से), Beaten = thrashed, hit (मारा हुआ), Middle = center, midst (मध्य)  

English Difficult Words of the Chapter Jalebis Page No.-58

Keen = eager, enthusiastic (उत्सुक), Persuasion = convincing, coaxing (मनाना), Choke = stifle, suffocate (दबाव में आना), Shriek = scream, yell (चीखना), Barefoot = without shoes, unshod (नंगे पांव), Terrified = scared, frightened (डरा हुआ), Astonished = amazed, surprised (हैरान),

Handcart = pushcart, trolley (ठेला), Inexpensive = cheap, affordable (सस्ता), Fetch = obtain, get (पाना), Heap = pile, stack (ढेर), Distance = afar, away (दूरी पर), Tonga = horse-drawn carriage, cart (टोंगा), Devour = consume, gobble up (खा जाना), Nostrils = nasal openings, nose holes (नथुने)  

Class 8 English Chapter 8 Jalebis Word Meaning in English Page No.-59

Assembled = gathered, came together (इकट्ठा होना), Neighbourhood = vicinity, locality (पड़ोस), Pleased = happy, satisfied (प्रसन्न), Mood = temperament, frame of mind (मनोदशा), Delighted = thrilled, joyous (हर्षित), Chabutara = raised platform, podium (चबूतरा),

Liberally = generously, freely (उदारता से), Governor = ruler, administrator (राज्यपाल), Mob = crowd, throng (भीड़), Assault = attack, offensive (हमला), Assembly = gathering, congregation (सभा), Signal = gesture, sign (संकेत), Wielding = holding, brandishing (चलाना), Innocent = guiltless, pure (मासूम), Hint = clue, suggestion (संकेत)  

Lesson Jalebis Class 8 English To English Word Meaning Page No.-60

Gobbled = ate quickly, devoured (तेजी से खाना), Digesting = processing food, breaking down (पाचन), Burp = belch, release of air (डकार), Summoned = called, asked to come (बुलाना), Mound = heap, pile (तिला), Coiled = curled, wound up (मुड़ा हुआ),

Virtuous = righteous, moral (धर्मिक), Scholarship = grant for study, financial aid (छात्रवृत्ति), Recess = break, interval (अवकाश), Spin = revolve, turn quickly (घूमना)  

Jalebis Lesson Class 8 Word Meaning English Page No.-61

Elders = seniors, aged (बुजुर्ग), Sweets = candies, treats (मिठाई), Shade-giving = protective, sheltering (छाया प्रदान करने वाला), Unfortunate = unlucky, ill-fated (दुर्भाग्यशाली), Racket = noise, din (शोर), Straightforward = simple, direct (सीधा), Scholarship = grant, award (छात्रवृत्ति),

Postponed = delayed, deferred (स्थगित), Crime = offense, wrongdoing (अपराध), Absent = missing, away (अनुपस्थित), Crouching = squatting, bending (झुककर बैठना), Deserted = abandoned, empty (सुनसान), Corner = angle, point (कोना)  

It So Happened Class 8 Jalebis Difficult Word Meaning English Page No.-62

Cane = stick, rod (छड़ी), Memorised = learned, remembered (याद कर लिया), Devoted = loyal, faithful (भक्त), Mistake = error, blunder (गलती), Scholarship = grant, endowment (छात्रवृत्ति), Treasury = vault, reserve (खजाना), Shedding = discarding, dropping (गिराना), Thoughts = contemplations, musings (विचार),

Punishment = penalty, consequence (सजा), Treasury = coffers, funds (खजाना), Shortage = scarcity, deficit (कमी), Nephew = relative, kin (भतीजा), Realised = recognized, understood (समझा), Offered = presented, gave (पेश किया), Recited = read aloud, pronounced (पठना), Blew = puffed, exhaled (फूंक मारी)

Class 8 English Chapter Jalebis Word Meaning English to Hindi Page No.-63

Decreed = ordered, commanded (आदेशित), Defeated = vanquished, beaten (पराजित), Jalebiwala = sweets vendor, dessert seller (जलेबीवाला), Liver = organ, innards (जिगर), Repeatedly = frequently, many times (बार-बार), Pleaded = begged, implored (गुजारिश की), Signal = indicator, sign (संकेत),

Courage = bravery, valor (साहस), Worm = grub, caterpillar (कीड़ा), Screamed = yelled, shrieked (चिल्लाया), Fate = destiny, future (भाग्य), Roast = cook, grill (भूनना), Pleaded = begged, implored (गुजारिश की), Rock = stone, boulder (चट्टान), Hairy = furry, shaggy (बालदार), Worm = grub, caterpillar (कीड़ा), Wriggled = squirmed, twisted (बलखाते हुए)  

Class 8 Jalebis Word Meaning Vocabulary Page No.-64

Crawling = creeping, slithering (घुसेटना), Stray = wander, drift (भटकना), Worm = grub, caterpillar (कीड़ा), Coiled = curled, twisted (लपेटा हुआ), Bargains = deals, negotiations (सौदा), Absence = nonattendance, missing (अनुपस्थिति), Report = notification, account (रिपोर्ट),

Harm = damage, detriment (हानि), Conclusion = deduction, inference (निष्कर्ष), Provide = furnish, supply (प्रदान करना), Vultures = scavenger birds, raptors (गिद्ध), Art = skill, craft (कला)