The Sound of Music Part-II- Theme & Title

By | February 3, 2023
The Sound of Music Part-II- Theme & Title

The Shennai of Bismillah Khan

                                                    By- Deborah Cowley I

Plot/ Theme / Central Idea of the Lesson/ Literary Analysis of The Shennai of Bismillah Khan/ Main Idea

The feature is written on the theme that music transcends all barriers. The author’s focus on Bismillah Khan’s achievements in the field of classical shehnai music reveals how this great musician’s life was devoted to his passion for shehnai. It was Bismillah Khan’s secular approach to music that he sharpened his skill without any bias towards the source of his opportunities. The life of this legendary musician is an example of the rich, cultural heritage of India that respects talent, irrespective of the religion of the artist.

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Justify the title of The Shennai of Bismillah Khan

The title “The Sound of Music” and the subtitle “The Shehnai Bismillah Khan” are very appropriate as they are in accord with the contents of the feature, which celebrates the melodious music produced by Bismillah Khan’s shehnai. It also describes Bismillah Khan’s evolution and achievements as a pioneering shehnai player. 

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