The Sound of Music Part-I- Important Word-Meanings of difficult words

By | July 19, 2021


BY: Deborah Cowley I



 [PAGE 12] : Jostle = push roughly =धक्का–मुक्की करना ; slight = small and thin = दुबली –पतली ; vibrations = emanations =परेशान ; prestigious =reputated= ख्याति प्राप्त ; dauntingfrightening = भयभीत होना

; teenager = between the age group of thirteen to nineteen years = किशोरावस्था ; aspiring = desiring = इच्छुक ; profoundly = seriously= गंभीर रूप से ; gradual =taking place by degree= क्रमिक ; concealhide = छुपाना ; deteriorated = got worse = और खराब हो गए ; severely = very much = बहुत अधिक ; impaired = weakened = कमजोर हो जाना ; damage = harm = क्षति I

 [PAGE 13] : Give up = loose heart =हिम्मत हराना ; pursue = to continue = में जुटे रहना ; percussionist = a drummer = तबलावादक ; potential = ability = योग्यता / क्षमता ; sheer = pure = विशुद्ध ; toured = visited = भ्रमण किया ; auditioned = testing performance = परीक्षा देना ; solo = single = एकाकी ; hectic = busy = व्यस्त ; schedule = time-table= समय सारणी ; intriguing  = fascinating = आकर्षक ; flawlessly = without any mistake = बिना कोई गलती किए ; lilt =accent of speaking =बोलने का लहजा  I

 [PAGE 14] : Tingles = stinging sensation=झुनझुनाता है ; leaning = stooping = झुकते हुए ; resonances =sounds = गूंज ; delights = pleases = प्रसन्न करती है ;  confesses = accepts = स्वीकार करती है ; workaholic = a very labourious person = एक बहुत ही मेहनती आदमी ; enormous = huge =विशालकाय ; concerts = music competition = संगीत गोष्ठी I

 [PAGE 15] : Priority = preference = प्राथमिकता ; inspiration = courage = प्रोत्साहन  I accomplished  = completed = पुरा कर लिया है ; percussion = tabla (music instrument) =  तबला (वाद्ययंत्र); handicapped = the persons those who have some sort of physical or mental deficiency =विकलांग  I


Rush hour—A time when people usually travel; Crowd—a large number of people gathered together; Jostle—push roughly; Underground—below the earth; Vibration—slight shaking movement; Approach—reach close; Prestigious—having high status; Daunting—tough; Aspiring—having strong desire; Challenge—difficult job; Profoundly—extreme; Realise—come to know; Conceal—hide; Deafness—inability to hear; Deteriorate—become worse; Specialist—a highly skilled person in a specific field; Impair—hinder; Aid—support; Determine—to be certain to do something; Pursue—follow; Discouraged—made somebody less confident; Percussionist—a player of a musical instrument; Potential—capacity; Solo—a piece of music for only one person; Hectic—very busy; Intrigue—secret plan; Function—work; Effortlessly—easily; Especially—used to point out one person, thing, or situation, Flawlessly—without stopping; Tingle—itching; Fingertip—the tip of a finger; Surprisingly—with surprise; Delight-great pleasure; Audience—a group of people gathered to watch/listen to a play; Prestigious—honoured; Soloist—a person who plays an instrument; Extraordinary—uncommon; Confess—accept; Workaholic—too much devoted to work; Classical—relating to ancient art; Enormous—too much, very big; Concert—musical performance; Priority—a thing regarded as more important than another; Accomplish—to achieve; Handicapped—physically or mentally disabled; Pleasure—happiness.

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