The Sound of Music Part-I-Message & Characters


BY: Deborah Cowley I


Moral/ Message of the lesson – The Sound of Music


Evelyn’s Glennie’s bio-sketch gives us the message that handicaps may be countered, problems may be overcome, and aspirations can be realized if one is firmly resolute and confident. Those who do learn to overcome hardships certainly achieve the highest goals. There is always a way out of the challenges of life; only one has to trace the way and adhere to it with unstaggering faith in one’s abilities.

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Evelyn Glennie

Evelyn Glennie, the internationally renowned percussionist, emerges as an embodiment of unflinching determination, strong self-belief, dedication and courage. Although challenged by severe hearing impairment, this young girl is able to make her way to an enviable position in life.
Evelyn was found to have lost her hearing faculty at a very young age of eight years but her strong determination enabled her to encounter the challenge very bravely. Instead of joining the school for the deaf, as suggested by the headmistress of her school, she decided firmly to lead the life as a normal girl. She wanted to play the xylophone but was discouraged by her teachers. However, her resolution was strengthened by the encouragement she got from the percussionist,
Ron Forbes. Under his able guidance, Evelyn learnt how to develop sensitivity to musical sounds through different parts of her body. She managed to sense musical notes through her skin, her hair, her fingers, and even her bare feet. Endowed with great confidence, Evelyn was able to get admission to the Royal Academy of Music, London, the most prestigious institution for music.
Her confidence and devotion enabled her to receive the highest awards in percussion music. Such is her contribution to the percussion music that it has earned a special place in the orchestra. Despite her deafness, Evelyn gives solo performances and has command over a large number of percussion instruments. A person with a humanitarian spirit, Evelyn even performs in prisons and hospitals. Thus, with her confidence and resolute decision, Evelyn has revealed to the world that disabilities disappear before dedication and determination. Her achievements are a source of inspiration for those who suffer from handicaps.

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