The Sound of Music Part-I- Important Extra Questions- Very Short Answer Type


BY: Deborah Cowley I


Very Short Answer Type Questions

  1. What was wrong with Evelyn Glennie?

 Ans. She was profoundly deaf.

2. When was her deafness first noticed?

Ans. Her deafness was first noticed at the age of eight

3. At what age did Evelyn go to the Royal Academy of music in London?

Ans. She went there at the age of seventeen.

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4. What was Evelyn’s special field of interest?

 Ans. She was interested in music.

5. At what age was Evelyn’s deafness confirmed?

Ans. Her deafness was confirmed at the age of eleven.

6. Who was Ron Forbes?

Ans. He was the music instructor in Evelyn’s school.

7. At what age did Evelyn visit the United Kingdom with a youth orchestra?

 Ans. At the age of sixteen years.

8. What was her performance in the audition for the Royal Academy of music?

Ans. She scored the highest marks in the history of the academy.

9. What award did Evelyn win in 1991?

 Ans. In 1991 she was presented with the Royal Philharmonic Society’s Prestigious Soloist of the Year Award.

10. How did Ron Forbes ask Evelyn to hear music?

Ans. Ile asked Evelyn to hear music not through her cars but other parts of her body.

11. Who did Evelyn give a big inspiration too?

 Ans. She gave a big inspiration to the handicapped people.

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