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A Truly Beautiful Mind Character Sketch

                                           By-ALBERT EINSTEIN

Character Sketch of Einstein In A Truly Beautiful Mind

 Albert Einstein has been portrayed as a great intellectual genius and a peace-loving human being with liberal ideas. As an intellectual, he created a revolution in the field of science, particularly physics. Ma human being, he spread the message of love, liberty and peace.
During his childhood, Einstein did not show any traces of intelligence. He was a slow child who started speaking very late. Even his mother considered him to be a freak and the headmaster of his school had such a negative opinion about him that he stated that Einstein would never achieve success in any career that he chi” However, Einstein proved to be a good student as he had skills in mathematics and physics and he also scored in all other subjects.

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Einstein’s love for freedom dated back to his school days. He felt suffocated in his school in Munich because of excessive discipline. He opted to study in Switzerland in a school with a liberal environment. He left Germany for America when the dictatorial Nazis took over because he was averse to every type of authority.
Though a great scientist, Einstein was a lover of arts and literature. He was against philistinism (ignorance of or hostility towards art and culture). He fell in love with a Serbian girl Mileva Maric because she held similar ideas about art. As a scientist, his theories of relativity and gravity created a stir in the world of science. He was awarded the Nobel Prize and got numerous other honours.
Einstein was a great lover of mankind. He wanted a world government. He was perturbed by the destructive use of science when the atom bomb was dropped over Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He spent the rest of his life spreading the message of peace and democracy. Thus, Einstein’s traits as a scientific genius and a peace-loving human being with a deep love for freedom are amply highlighted in this biographical account. 

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