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A Truly Beautiful Mind Theme

                                           By-ALBERT EINSTEIN

This brief sketch of the life and achievements of the great genius Albert Einstein, reveals that extraordinary personalities with exceptional intellectual capabilities are not necessarily noticed during the early years. The author focuses on two aspects of Einstein’s personality – as a scientist and as a human being. As a scientist, his marvellous discoveries created a revolution and as a human being, he worked towards peace and democracy in the world.

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Justify the Title a truly beautiful mind

 The title of this biographical feature “A Truly Beautiful Mind” is very appropriate as it encompasses both the intelligence of Einstein and his humanistic tendencies. As a genius, he made an immense contribution to the world of science by presenting startling theories and as a human being, he preached for peace and democracy. Thus, his mind was really beautiful and teeming with new ideas and human concerns.

A Truly Beautiful Mind Message

This account of the life and personality of the famous scientist Einstein gives us the message that a beautiful mind possesses not only innovative ideas but also makes sincere efforts to use these ideas for the well being of mankind. Science should be solely devoted to the promotion of worldwide peace and prosperity. If used for destructive purposes, the scientific inventions and discoveries can wreak havoc on the earth.

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