162. Short Essay and Article on : Driving India Crazy       

Seshadri is a boy who has survived more than 25 major accidents. It makes you wonder about the cause of accidents in the Indian cities. You decide to write an article for the school magazine titled `Driving India Crazy’. Taking ideas from the data given alongside and your own ideas write the article.

 Ans.                                                    Driving India Crazy                                                                                                                                 


Driving is no more pleasure on Indian roads. Death stalks on the roads of major metros of India. Ironically, the capital of India has the dubious distinction of causing maximum deaths on its roads. About two thousand people lost their lives in accidents on the roads of Delhi. Bengaluru and Chennai are gradually catching up with Delhi. 490 people in Mumbai, 223 in Ahmedabad and 148 people died in road accidents in Kochi. Many persons may not be as lucky as Seshadri who has survived more than 25 major accidents. The major cause of so many road accidents is the lack of road culture in India. People don’t follow the rules of the road. Rash and drunken drivers are the merchants of death. Drinking and driving have become the culture of the roads in India. The condition of roads is far from satisfactory. Pits and potholes cause many accidents. Haste and overtaking ultimately result in accidents and deaths. Better roads with adequate road signs and warnings are the need of the hour.

Number of persons killed in cities

Ahmedabad                                                             223
Bengaluru                                                                 659
Chennai                                                                    692
Delhi                                                                      1,989
Kochi                                                                         148
Mumbai                                                                    449

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