13. Short Essay and Article on: First Step

First Step

Once again I sunk in bed sobbing pulling up my sheets, clutching wool hoping the world won’t notice the bruise for I had no peace, no cool.

The world has tried to pile boxes in my way trying to block it. Defeated, denied, devastated never had the courage to tell them to stop it.

Down in my pocket, I hung on to tiny locket it got a picture of just me standing in front of the mirror these walls must be talking because I can hear em.

They saying you got one more chance to do right and it’s tonight. Else just take another pill Ya, bet you, you will.

With firsts tight to do right, as I was leaving I looked off and found my self-bleeding sucked in my gut & got up, I heard applause, thousand people all jumping off seats they are throwing roses at my feet.

I woke up alone, the clock’s ticking, birds singing, the world’s outside surging now that all my fears are burnt ready to take upon the world, on step and tables have turned.

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