5. Short Essay and Article: Hard work is the only key to success

By | July 15, 2021
Hard work is the only key to success

Hard work is the only key to success

Once upon a time, he was a man named Jack whose father was a very hard working man & because of which he had a very big self-be ness empire but Jack only believed in astrology & for everything he blamed the plants & said that this day is of Saturday the day before yesterday was of Mars & soon. One day his father died & days past and day by day he becomes poor as he had not done any hard work for his income, his father’s business empire was ruined because of his own son. No one gave him the job as he had no qualifications & for this also he blamed the planets and said that planets have ruined him. Days past & one day he visited a motivation. He told him that he was making his life tough & he will get nothing by believing in astrology this sentence by motivation mark on his mind & made him a self-made man who has an experience that changed his life. Now, he is a man to whom everyone respect, A man whose life is changed because of hard work not because of astrology. Now, he told others to believe in hard work not in astrology because hard work is the only key to success.

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