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The loneliness that cannot be cured

My life was sweet with tickling thoughts friends were everything for me my mind was tension free.

But, now what happened, nothing is the same as it used to be I changed the whole of me lonely, sad and full of despair what’s going around, I really don’t care.

People say never change for others but if it really matters. I am alone and I will be don’t need them to care for me.

I know, it would hurt for a few because in my heart sorrow lays. Happiness has fled away, sorrow will continue to stay.

I have decided, and I am sure this loneliness has no cure.

I feel like crying the whole night, I can’t see the future of friendship bright. Still, there’s a hope for everything to be fine, at last, all my friends would again be mine.

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Donald Trump

There been recent controversies on whether Donald Trump is worth the white house or not. America’s have been divided into 2 parts, one part’s in favour of Clinton and other in favour of Trump. In the polls 57% old people went in favour of Trump & 52%yongestor in favour of Clinton. Millions have started protesting against Trump. His victory was quite undecided until the results come. According to early polls by CNBC & SKY News 53% votes were in favour of Clinton. Why did this happen? The answer is that Hillary wasn’t able to show America their future but Trump succeeded in it. Just like NARENDRA MODI, he proved himself better than Hillary. If Trump does things he promised in campaigns then it would prove too good for India & too worse for Pakistan. According to him he Hates Pak but Loves India. He’s also the ban of Narendra Modi & his policies. Trump would also try to end the tensions between U.S & Russia because there been tension’s among U.S & Russia for a nuclear war. New American policies have been a subjection increase of it. We can just hope that the tensions may end & both nation’s may work together & end their tensions.

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