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By | August 3, 2018

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Know Yourself

Does this even stuck you in the middle of the night, “Why me?” Is it hard, when all day long you have blabbered about knowing yourself better than anyone else but now are stick and don’t know the answer to the question? Well, you might feel contradicted to yourself. You won’t like it. It will make you angry, frustrated, and probably a little depressed. You will go out and vomit, vomit your anger on other people and then you will even be more frustrated by your conscience which will tell you that you did something wrong. So ask yourself, “What will I do?” If you know, you may jump ahead but if you don’t then listen, my friend. You should go into sync, you need a break. Sync to the world outside with acceptance, you’d know that it is not necessary to know all the answers. You will have to accept and you will, sooner or later, that you don’t know yourself completely. You knew your name only because your mother christened you. When your father taught you haw to ride a bike, he didn’t really leach you, he exposed you to it so that you realize that you had it in you. Everything is inside no, but we do need someone or even something to acquaint us with it, Now how do we do that? Well, trust and let go. Some of you must have Trust-Issues, you don’t trust people because of your past experiences but let me be blunt if you stop trusting, and you will never more ahead. You will have to trust things around you, you will have to trust people around you, you will have to trust your life and understand that if has a purpose and so I quote “The biggest purpose of life is to have a life of purpose.”All of this might count ‘easy-peas’ but once you get on with it, you will understand that it is not. So here’s the last question, what if you fall? “So let Erin Hanson answer it, “But oh my darling, what you fly?” Precisely what if you fly, think about what you would be and not. What there will be? Even if you fall, you should know that it doesn’t mean that you don’t belong anywhere. If you allow me to help you know yourself then let me tell you, we all belong to our hopes. No matter how dark are the days or how cold the nights are even if there is no one, our hops are there and so I think, we should be loyal to this one thing that is always there for us, our hopes. So yes your hopes don’t belong to you, you belong to your hopes, so never let them down, never let yourself down. Belong to your hopes, belong to yourself.

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