JPG Full Form | What is JPG in Computer

By | September 9, 2023
JPG Full Form What is JPG in Computer

 You can try the full form of JPG and gain confidence at least in What is JPG. Edumantra takes good care of you so buying books  for competitive exams is not necessary.  Additionally we would like to tell that the full form of JPG is Joint Photographic Expert Group.

JPG — Joint Photographic Experts Group

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JPG Full-Form refers to Joint Photographic Experts Group. JPG is a method usually used for the irreversible compression of the digital images that are obtained by digital photography. With JPG, it becomes possible to adjust the compression degree, thereby permitting a tradeoff between the quality of the image and the storage size. A 10:1 compression can be achieved by JPG without losing the quality of the image. The JPG compression is utilized in numerous formats of the image files. The usual format utilized by photo capturing devices like digital cameras is JPG/Exif. This format, along with the JPG/JFIF is among the most common ones used to store and transmit photos on the Internet.

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JPG Compression 

The DCT or Discrete Cosine Transform forms the basis of the lossy compression used by the JPG. This operation alters each field or frame of the video obtained from the two-dimensional or spatial domain into the transform or frequency domain. Almost all JPG software implementations allow users to control the compression ratios and other parameters. This, in turn, allows users to trade the quality of the picture for the small size of the file. In MiniDV and other embedded applications, the parameters are already selected fixed.

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The method used for compressing the images is usually irreversible. This means the original information of the image is lost, and its restoration is not possible. This possibly affects the quality of the image. There is an option of the lossless or the reversible mode provided in the JPG standard. This mode, however, is not supported in most of the products.

Advantages of JPG

There are many advantages associated with the JPG format. There is no editing or image creation software that does not support the JPG format. This format is also supported by all browsers that are not purely based on the text. Another benefit of using JPG format is colouring. It provides support to twenty-four-bit colours. This enables the format to display over sixteen million colours. Thus, this format proves to be an excellent choice for editing photos and saving them. The JPF has the capability of displaying colours of all ranges, which is required for producing a realistic image. The formats like the GIF only support two hundred and fifty-six colours and utilize the dithering process for making an image appear like it has more colour shades. This decreases the quality of the image.

The JPG format provides a compression level that can be adjusted by utilizing a scale containing one hundred different values. The files of small size and lower quality of images are produced by the format at higher levels of compression. On the other hand, the size of the file gets reduced, but the image quality is similar to that of the original image at lower levels of compression. The adjustable compression quality provides the ability to optimize the images for quality or file size, depending on the users.

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Disadvantages of JPG

The JPG format has few disadvantages. It does not support transparency. Sometimes, it provides images of larger size than needed for certain types of images like the line art. Additionally, the images in this format may degrade after it is saved more than once.

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